Essential Oils for your Astrological Sign — Aquarius

 essential oils for aquarians


Aquarius is the astrology sign of the future....of all our hopes and dreams. Aquarians are individual, like to be different and do their own thing! They are liberal, idealistic, friendly, kind and love to spend time with other people.....very much valuing friendship. Keywords are humanitarian, intellectual, creative and original.


So independent and sometimes eccentric, they can appear to be impersonal, rebellious and unpredictable. Sometimes fixed in their opinions, they can be perceived to be stubborn and tactless.....especially when people disagree with them!

Lemon OilPeppermint Oil  Eucalyptus Oil

Cypress Oil Coriander OilGeranium Oil  Ginger Oil

Health issues: The circulatory system, shins, and ankles are ruled by Aquarius. Varicose veins and circulatory problems may be an issue. May be prone to lower leg and ankle cramps, strains and breaks. Essential oils: Neroli is their signature essential oil. Coriander, lemon, peppermint, rose and chamomile are among those suitable for softening hard-headed and stubborn personalities. Cypress, coriandergeranium, ginger, eucalyptus, neroli and lemon are all good oils to use to help aid poor circulation.

Posted 20 January 2017


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