Essential Oils for your Astrological Sign — Sagittarius

essential oils for sagittarians


Sagittarius are the fun-loving adventurers of the zodiac! They love traveling, freedom and independence.....and are also natural entertainers. They are optimistic, forthright, idealistic and probably the friendliest of all the signs. Also intelligent, enthusiastic and great communicators.


Impatient, tactless and impulsive.....they often speak without thinking and can seem to be pushy because of their extrovert ways Also, they can be extravagant, impractical and irresponsible.

Tea Tree OilEucalyptus OilFrankincense Oil

Rosemary Oil Lavender OilBergamot Oil

Geranium OilBasil OilJuniper Berry

Health issues: Sagittarius, the eighth astrology sign, rules the liver, thighs, and hips. They are generally healthy people because of their love for the outdoor life! Sciatica, hip and leg pains and exhaustion are common problems. Also in danger of stress, tension, and addictions......particularly alcohol and gambling. Essential oils: Tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium, and rosemary are essential oils that will help encourage adventuring and free spirit! Lavender, neroli, frankincense and chamomile all help with stress and tension. Basil, juniper berry and bergamot help support the addictive nature.

Posted 22 November 2016


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