Rose and You: Natural Beauty Benefits

roses-pink-family-rose-family-65619 Could there be a more iconic beauty flower than the historic rose? Revered for centuries, it is an enduring symbol for love, passion, and sensuality. While it will forever remain famous for its gorgeous aroma, delicate features and silky petals, roses are incredibly versatile and have a variety of uses. So, if you’ve received some Valentine’s roses or already have some around, why not try some of our tips below! Just keep in mind to always ensure your roses are pesticide and chemical free before using. Medicinal

  • Certified as an antiseptic and full of anti-oxidants and vitamins A, B3, C, D and E, rose petals can be a great natural remedy.
  • When infused in tea, rose petals promote cleansing and blood circulation, while also being shown effective against fevers and sore throats.
  • Rose has a very soothing effect - can be used in aromatherapy to help relieve depression and anxiety, relaxing tension and reducing swelling of capillaries beneath the skin.
  • Rose petals, essence and water can make excellent tasty and benefical additives to food – try adding rose when making a syrup, jam, icing or any kind of dessert.
  • They are also perfect additives to spice up a fruit or savoury salad – a dash of petals and shredded coconut is divine.
  • It also doubles as a natural and gorgeous decoration – sprinkle crushed or torn rose petals on top of any dish will make it a superstar!
Around the Home
  • Recycling your rose petals will be much more satisfying than simply throwing them away – the obvious choice is potpourri! Dry the petals in the sun, mix with your favourite flowers or herbs (we love lavender!) and dispense at will.
  • Give yourself a luxury spa treatment at home by indulging in an all-natural rose bath – sprinkle petals on top and add some organic rose essential oil to cap off a long day.

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