SPA+CLINIC — Rise and Rise of Vegan Cosmetics

spaclinic-vegan-cosmetics While thousands of Australians celebrated The Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, others raised a glass to veganism: November 1 marked World Vegan Day. For vegans, it’s not only meat that’s off the table. By and large, vegans seek to exclude all forms of animal byproducts in food, clothing and cosmetics. For some, it’s an ethical decision and for others, it’s a health choice. The term has been extended to include to a movement of people who say “no” to the exploitation and cruelty of animals and are environmentally aware. SYNTHESIS_hydrate_tonic_1000_v1-600x600   Synthesis Organics: The Australian skin, body and tea range is certified Cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, and Australian Certified Organic. It was also recently Runner Up in the Green Skincare category at the prestigious global Sustainable Beauty Awards, conferred in Paris last month.

The Synthesis Organics Hydrate Toniccontains vegan hyaluronic acid, which is typically synthetic or sourced from animal byproducts.

SPA+CLINIC | Rise and Rise of Vegan Cosmetics by Jessica Turner