Dreamtime Stone Journey

A collaboration of healing influences come together… experience authentic Indigenous Australian culture, botanicals and the restoring power of touch to reconnect you with whole body renewal.

Together, Mooks, an indigenous elder and medicine man of his people, and Theme Rains, founder of organic skin care range, Synthesis, have created the Dreamtime Stone Journey which was being launched at the Peninsula Hot Springs Spa Dreaming Centre in October 2018.

“The Synthesis Organics Dreamtime Stone Journey is one of the most unique and soothing treatments I’ve experienced. The sensorial contrast between the warm and cool smooth stones left me feeling re-balanced and calm. We are delighted to be introducing this experience to our carefully curated portfolio of treatments at Peninsula Hot Springs; it is aligned with our purpose to connect guests with the deep well of their being and we believe it will quickly become one of our most popular experiences.”

Amber Genevieve, Spa Director, Peninsula Hot Springs

So often, the divisions between the Australian Indigenous community and the broader community are highlighted but this treatment is a beautiful example of a collaborative effort, demonstrating what is possible when the two cultures collaborate in a spirit of mutual respect. Profits from the sale of the Synthesis treatment package are donated to the Miriam Rose Foundation.

From the stone country of Kakadu, to Mossman Gorge and the Daintree, to Wollumbin Cloud Catcher Mountain, and Western Australia, Theme Rains, founder of Synthesis Organics, travelled across Australia while being guided through an Aboriginal meditative practice of deep listening, Dadirri, to create a unique treatment offering holistic restoration and re-connection to Country and Indigenous culture.

“The Dreamtime Stone Journey is inspired from a deep calling to be a healing presence, and renew your being with the pure nurturing force of nature and the living touch of healing wisdom that stretches across the eons of time. Your re-connection and harmony of being is the intention that flows through this restorative journey.” Theme Rains

Along with aromatic bush medicine infusions and a deeply restorative full body aromatic massage, this luxurious spa treatment uses hand carved clapping sticks and heated and cooled semi-precious and granite stones only found in Australia. The stones - Mookaite Jasper, Australian Black Jade, Kakadu Granite, Pilbara Green, Azoria Gold, are collected with permission from Elders in those regions, hand carved and then vibrationally attuned according to the instruction given by Mooks. Mooks wanted to give all Australians a true experience of what this great country has to offer by connecting them with the natural rhythms and elements of his culture. A further collaboration with a Didgeridoo sound healer completes the experience.

The Synthesis certified organic, energy imbued massage and aromatic oils are also handcrafted from Australian botanicals, to potently renew, balance and soothe your skin and senses, leaving you feeling utterly renewed.