Book from a selection of signature bespoke treatments in our Byron Bay Heart Space - a treatment space and workshop above our Organic Lab, or stop by to browse, smell and experience the products in our range - by appointment only. Email:

Treatment Offerings

Synthesis Organics is a journey of the senses, using aromatherapy, energy and precious botanicals to nurture your beauty and spirit.


Signature Scent Journey 30 mins 

Through scent we are able to bring to the surface what needs to be purified and released. This meditative and customised scent journey is performed with certified organic Bioenergetic essential oils and is the perfect prequel to our Signature Facial or Massage. You’ll receive a personalised aroma blend to use in our Signature Treatments and take home with you. Available one-on-one or in small groups. 


Signature Aromatic Massage ~ 60 / 90 mins

The healing touch of our expert therapist, combined with Synthesis Organics therapeutic organic oil blends, take you on a journey of pure renewal. Allow the aromatic touch to soothe away stress and tension as you surrender into stillness with a deeply relaxing full body massage incorporating craniosacral energy holds and sound healing.


Signature Bespoke Bio-Active Facial ~ 60 mins*

*Add an additional 15 minute complimentary consultation for your first facial.

An elevated holistic facial journey, nurturing skin and senses, to enhance the timeless beauty of your natural radiance. Our results-driven energy imbued® organic skincare, crafted with advanced bioactives and neurocosmetics, synergises with your skin to create an alchemy that optimises the skin’s natural ability to heal and repair. Skin conditions are treated and holistic renewal restored. Includes expert consultation and application of select products to care for your skin’s needs, aromatherapeutic opening and closing rituals, and a relaxing massage for the scalp, neck, arms and shoulders. 


Dreamtime Stone Journey ~ 90 mins

Full Body Aromatic Massage, Healing Australian Hot Stone Therapy for Body, Face, Head, Energy Centre Balance, Traditional Stick Vibrational Healing.

Come home to yourself, as you enjoy a sublime journey through the rich healing vibrations of this ancient land, leaving you deeply relaxed, realigned and re-energised, body, mind, and spirit. Beginning with a traditional clearing ritual using handcrafted sticks and an immersion in the aromas of the Australian bush. A toe to crown full body massage releases accumulated tension and stress from your muscles and pressure points, with a potent blend of Australian native botanicals infused into nourishing Australian plant oils. 

Heated stones are used to deeply penetrate tense muscles, restore pure energy flow through your energy system (chakras) and invite you into a profound feeling of calm and connection. The stones have been gathered with permission from Indigenous Elders from wild far flung regions of Australia; Mookaite (meaning ‘Running Water’) from Western Australia, Kakadu and Dreamtime, from stone country in the Northern Territory, Australian Black Jade, Green Marble from the Pilbara, and Azoria Gold from Queensland. 

The unique healing vibrations of these stones, a traditional clapping stick ritual and a Didgeridoo sound healing, shift you into a deeper sense of awareness of your true essence.