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Article: Synthesis Organics HEART SPACE is now open in Byron Bay

Synthesis Organics HEART SPACE is now open in Byron Bay

Synthesis Organics HEART SPACE is now open in Byron Bay

Now open for whole bodily immersion ~ Synthesis Heart Space ~ a place for enlightened beauty and wellness in the Byron Bay industrial estate.

As a well established skincare, aromatherapy and wellness brand amongst organic spas, it only felt natural to create this ‘Heart Space’ where our offerings come to life. Until our permanent Heart Quarters is finished being built, this will be a place to experience our signature and bespoke treatments, to purchase products, and a place to hold workshops hosted by our founder, Theme Rains, and other practitioners who will bring their unique and aligned offerings to the space.

“For me, beauty is the expression of Love in this world… and everything flourishes in the presence of Love. This space is to foster the very essence of Synthesis. It is our vision for people who visit to drop into this space and feel the genuine, nurturing and healing energies we offer.” ~ Theme

The space is a true synthesis of our team’s ideas and input, a unifying vision of our collective handiwork come to life. Created with all local suppliers, and in keeping with our brand ethos of leading with integrity, sustainability and purpose, we would like to acknowledge all of the amazing collaborators who joined us along the way:  Jimmy, a local craftsman who hand-made our brass shelving, the centrepiece of the space; local, organic and non-toxic items for everything in the space from @Ilovelinen and @blessedearth, natural chalk paints from @paintedearthbyronbay, cleaning products from @simplycleanhome, plants from @edenatbyron and @brnursery1 and more. The space has also undergone considerable environmental and energetic balancing to neutralize, harmonise and balance any intrusive elements and ensure the highest vibrations of the space are held and maintained.

All treatments commence and close with our signature aromatic rituals, including intentional energetic balancing. During the treatment, our Australian Certified Organic products are lovingly applied for an experience of deep rejuvenation, radiance, flow and to open one's heart. Everything that touches your skin from the linen and towels to the products is certified organic. 

Meet Léa. Lea_Synthesis Organics Heartspace_Therapists
Our first Heart Space therapist, originally from Saint-Etienne, France who now calls Byron Bay her home. Léa has over 15 years experience as a beauty therapist and lately, she has found grace in combining her knowledge of beauty therapy and treatments with her studies in energetic healing. She has a calming presence and is highly sought after. Her unique and highly attuned touch will ensure you drop in, feel centered, and leave in your flow state, shining your radiant conscious beauty. We are so fortunate to have her with us
Meet Sally. Sally_Synthesis Organics Heart Space_Events Manager

Guardian of our Heart Space, events manager and beauty and wellness nomad. She comes to us with a breadth of experience across sales, marketing, luxury organic spa management, and shamanic healing. She has experience in alternative therapies and has a deep connection to plant spirit communication and energy healing. Her unique meditation experience was voted as a “Top Wellness Experiences in the World” by Body + Soul Magazine. We are very grateful to have her calming presence and heartfelt professionalism here with us as you are sure to experience by attending her workshops and bespoke, tailored experiences.

You can book in for our signature and bespoke treatments HERE.  All treatments are served by therapists who are trained in multiple modalities; they come from all walks of life and professional experience, and bring consciousness of the truth of us as energetic beings to provide the ultimate care for your wellbeing

We offer various workshops, including our Bioenergetic Scent Journey. The space is also a place for gatherings such as team building workshops, mothers-to-be guided meditations, new moon circles and so much more. Read more about our workshops HERE.

Thank you to all who have been with us thus far. We so look forward to seeing you in person for a treatment or upcoming workshop event.  

As always, we are here in service to your radiance….

With love, all of us at Synthesis Organics

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