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Elevate Your Energy Collection

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Our special Elevate Your Energy Collection includes two of our bestselling Synthesis Organics products for you to take home at a special price. The bundle consists of our Chakra Balance Roll-on and our Heart Space Hydrosol.

Chakra Balance Roll-On:
Chakras, or energy wheels, refer to various energy and nervous systems centers in your body that correspond to internal organs. The 7 primary chakras run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. When any one of our chakras is imbalanced, we tend to feel that imbalance on mental, emotional, or physical levels. 

Use regularly to transport yourself to a meditative space where you can calm your nervous system, expand your awareness, cleanse your energy centers, and restore balance to your entire being.

Heart Space Hydrosol:
Rose and adaptogenic gemstone elixir. Mist onto face, body and aura to infuse your space and state of being with pure Heart Energy. Where science and the sacred come together to lift us beyond the ordinary and create an expansive space to call forth the highest harmonics of beauty and love.

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Elevate Your Energy Collection Synthesis Organics
Elevate Your Energy Collection Sale price$59.00 Regular price$93.00