"Notox, A Natural 30 Minute Facelift with Long Term Benefits!" - The only 100% natural alternative to cosmetic injectables that actually works.

You're probably thinking that we can’t make this claim. No cream or serum is capable of replicating the effects of filler or cosmetic injectables. Especially not a certified organic, 100% natural, Australian-made one.

I politely offer evidence to the contrary. We really feel like we’ve discovered something worth sharing with women of all ages; from those who are into well-ageing and wanting an alternative and natural way to smooth out and reduce the depth and volume of fine lines, to younger women looking for natural and preventative skincare. Either way, we've got you covered.

Notox is designed as a 30 day treatment (the average person’s skin cycle) that literally flash energises your skin, recharges skin cells, and rebuilds your skin’s architecture with ongoing use for ‘filler-like’ results. Some Notox users even experienced an instant lift within 30 minutes of their first application! For other users, results take longer due to longer renewal cycles attributed to age and other factors.

Are the results overwhelmingly amazing? Yes. Unbelievable? No. Notox is not a miracle product, it's created from some pretty amazing Australian bioactives and deep sea botanicals that evolved over millions of years to constantly repair themselves. Plus, we have quantifiable results from clinical trials and real before & after photos taken by genuine customers to prove that this is possible.

Notox is the first of its kind so we understand you have questions. We welcome your queries, so if you can’t find an answer in our FAQ section below please reach out to us.

- Theme (Founder & Award Winning Green Chemistry Formulator)

No risks involved. Not satisfied with your results? Money back guaranteed.

Does Notox actually work

Our customers have loved their results from using Notox so much that they've shared their transformations with us. Here are their transformations over 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week and 1 month periods:

1 Month

Anonymous - "A wrinkle game changer! Notox!! It’s brilliant !! Great results. Really, really good. The 11’s and the lines around my lips have significantly eased and smoothed out in just a few weeks of using it. When this product gets known, Synthesis Organics are going to run out of stock for sure!"

Anonymous - "This is a breakthrough skincare product. Notox is helping us all… here are the confronting pics. I’ll definitely keep using and am buying more to send to my besties for Christmas."

1 Week

Jill, 65 - “As you can see from the photos, my forehead lines became significantly less visible using Notox Ageless Glow Serum and my colleagues have all been commenting on how well I looked which is especially significant as I have been run down of late due to taking on more clients than usual."

1 Hour

Rosemary, 61 - “My face was literally smoother and more radiant within an hour and it seems strange to say, but I actually felt better in myself somehow as well. This is truly a miraculous product, like being kissed by the divine."

30 Minutes

Lane, 59 - “This is amazing! The fine lines around my eyes literally smoothed away in about half an hour! I’ve never seen results from a product like this before.”

Harriet - “Wow I can’t believe a natural serum is capable of this! My neck lines were instantly lifted 30 minutes after using Notox and the fine lines even disappeared. I can’t wait to see what progress will be made on the deeper lines after a few weeks. I was worried Notox would be sticky but it isn’t at all! I sealed in the benefits of Notox using the recommended Replenish Elixir which was so nourishing - my skin has never felt or looked better!"

10 Minutes

Anonymous - "Love, love, love this product!!! I could feel and see the beneficial effects of Notox the first time I used it. I’ve been using this product for nearly a month now and it definitely makes a big difference to my skin. It’s smoothed out the lines on my forehead and my skin feels softer and firmer. This is such a fabulous product and you only need one small pump to cover your entire face."

Does Notox actually work

It has been clinically proven that:

In the first 3 minutes of using Notox, HYALURONIC ACID visibly plumps and hydrates skin, instantly improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Within 30 minutes, SIRTALICE®:

+ improves crows feet and under-eye wrinkles by up to 34%

+ decreases wrinkle depth by 13%

+ increases elasticity and firmness by 3%

+ gives a visible lift of several mm

Within 1 hour, SKINECTURA® NATIVE KANGAROO PAW FLOWER rapidly decreases the appearance of wrinkles in the eye and neck area through a tightening of the skin.

After 2 weeks, IBR-SNOWFLAKE® has been shown to effectively block muscle contraction (temporarily freeze) which leads to visible softening and smoothing of expression wrinkles around forehead and crows feet by up to 43%. Two groups of 27 women aged between 35 - 50 experienced complete wrinkle removal in clinical trials.

After 4 weeks, SIRTALICE® has been proven to improve crows feet and under-eye wrinkles by up to 44% and increase elasticity and firmness by up to 13.3%. SKINECTRA® KANGAROO PAW FLOWER decreases the appearance of wrinkles in the eye and neck area by up to 36%.

After 3 months, MARINOVA® TASMANIAN / PATAGONIAN KELP has been shown in clinical trials to lead to a 17% increase in skin elasticity, with over 80% of participants self-reporting a visual improvement in their skin.

Below are some photos and statistics from Notox clinical trials:

Clinically Proven Anti-Wrinkle Action of IBR-Snowflake using VISIA And AVEA 3D Imaging

- Clinical Trials Involving 2 Groups of 27 Women (Age25-50)

- Application of IBR-Snowflake 2x Daily For 14 Days.

- Measurement of Wrinkles and Fine Lines Using AVEA 3D Imaging.


Age 45

- 57% Reduced Wrinkle Count
- 17% Less Wrinkle Volume

Age 35

- 25% Reduced Wrinkle Count
- 19% Less Wrinkle Volume

Age 37

- 63% Less Wrinkle Volume
- 15% Less Wrinkle Depth


Clinically Proven Tightening, Radiance and Hydration Efficacy of SIRTALICE®

- Clinical Trials of 20 Caucasian Women 35-45
- Application of Sirtalice® 2x Daily for 28 Days
- Results Measured Using: Cutometer®, Morphometric Imaging, Fringe Projection, Colorimeter and Corneometer®


Lifting Effect After 30 Min

V-Reshape of Face Contour Over Time

Before After 28 Days

Age 39, applied to half face, twice daily

Measurements taken with Colorimeter and Corneometer®

-RADIANCE: + 15.1%      

-HYDRATION: +14.7%.                                                

Before After 28 Day

Age 43, applied to half face, twice daily

Measurements taken with Colorimeter and Corneometer®




- ELASTICITY: +12.1%

- HYDRATION: +13.2%

Is Notox safe

The Notox Ageless Glow Serum is the perfect safe and pain-free alternative to cosmetic injectables. Notox is made of 100% natural, certified organic ingredients in our Byron Bay lab. It is vegan, toxic-free and cruelty-free. Safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Notox fit into my skincare ritual?

Apply one pump of Notox morning and night for optimum results. Focus on the eye area, forehead and neck when you apply it. Apply Notox after your chosen cleanser and toner, before serums and moisturiser. We recommend ‘sealing’ in the benefits of Notox using our Spectrum Shield Moisturiser SPF15 during the day and Replenish Elixir at night.

How long does a bottle of Notox last?

If applied twice daily (which we recommend for optimum results), the sample size lasts 3 days, the 15ml bottle lasts 30 days and the 50ml bottle lasts 3 months.

How long does it take for Notox to work?

Notox is designed to rebuild your skin’s architecture with continued use, while enjoying immediate results as the deeper results build. Notox users have experienced an instant lift within 30 minutes of application and then with continued use seen more visible results after a full skin renewal cycle (and even better results after 3 cycles). Each of us are unique, with differing skin cycles and personal circumstances, including external and internal stresses that affect how quickly our skin improves. Some people’s natural skin cycle is 28 days which is why we offer the 30 day treatment (15ml bottle). Whereas for others, particularly ageing skin, it can be 84 days, so a longer period of time before visual changes become really obvious, which is why we offer our 3 month treatment (50ml bottle).

What happens if I stop using Notox?

Notox doesn’t cover up symptoms that will come back when you stop using it. Your skin rebuilds through using Notox so if you stop using it you just stop receiving those benefits but it will still be better off for using it for the time you did.

Will Notox help all fine lines and wrinkles?

Yes, the carefully curated natural actives in Notox work incredibly well on ALL fine lines and sagging skin. The advanced bioactives in Notox have been clinically proven to give a visible lift of several mm to wrinkles no matter how deep they are. Our customers have reported improvement in forehead lines, frown lines, crows feet, under-eye lines, marionette lines, lip lines, jowl lines, chin lines and neck lines.

Are the before & after photos edited?

The before & afters are from genuine customers who took the photos themselves with no filters or editing. We cannot control the lighting in these photos as they are taken by everyday customers that were simply delighted with their results so they sent them in. We also have photos from clinical trials showing the efficacy of all the actives in scientific conditions - so again no filters or editing involved.

What are the ingredients?

100% Natural Plant-based, 95% Certified Organic Ingredients:

*Rose Otto hydrosol, Aloe Vera leaf juice, *Vegetable Glycerine, Bacillus deep-sea ferment, *Kangaroo Paw extract, Snowflake bulb extract, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), *Kakadu Plum fruit extract, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, *Wakame sea kelp extract.

*Certified Organic

Is Notox suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, Notox is suitable for sensitive skin and has no essential oils so can be used around the eye area as well. Our Cleansing Oil and Soothe Cream are also great for sensitive skin.

Is Notox fragrance free?

Yes, Notox is fragrance free and only has a subtle aroma from the rose water in it.

Is Notox sticky and will it leave a residue?

No, Notox is a clear serum that glides smoothly onto the skin and is absorbed quickly. Notox leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated and smooth. No stickiness or pilling to worry about.

Can makeup be worn after applying Notox?

Yes, Notox is a great primer for foundation, so your foundation may even look better. We recommend using the directed amount of Notox (1 pump for eyes and face) followed by a moisturiser before applying makeup. The moisturiser provides a protective layer so that the natural bioactives in Notox are not mixed with any chemicals that may be in your makeup. The chemicals won’t cause harm but they may not let the natural bioactives work as well if they are mixed together.

Do I have to use other Synthesis Organics products for Notox to work?

No. As long as you ‘seal’ in the benefits of Notox with a certified organic and synthetic-free oil or moisturiser, you don’t need to use our other products for Notox to work. If you would like to use one of our certified organic, all natural oils or moisturisers, we recommend using our Spectrum Shield Moisturiser SPF15 during the day and Replenish Elixir at night to ‘seal’ in the benefits of Notox.

Can I use Notox if I use filler or injectables?

Yes, there are wonderful bioactives in Notox that support elasticity, hydration and overall healthy looking skin, as well as the ones with the ‘filler-like’ benefits.

Can I use Notox in conjunction with a light therapy device?

You do not need a light therapy device for Notox to work effectively. If you do use one, we recommend using Notox after the light therapy device for best results.

Where can I buy Notox?

Notox is exclusive to our online store. Soon we are opening a showroom in Byron Bay so that you can buy it in person too.

Do we offer a 30 day money back guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase and wish to return it to us within 30 days of receiving it, we will refund the price you paid for it.

What packaging do you use?

We use 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) airless bottles to optimally protect the precious actives down to the last drop, while closing the loop on single-use plastic packaging and allowing us to avoid the use of synthetic preservatives. Our bio-plant labels are made from 100% sugarcane and are recyclable. The outer packaging is made from biodegradable and recycled paper. We avoid outer packaging (unless you ask for it) and plant a tree on your behalf instead. As part of our Carbon Neutral Commitment, we offset the carbon emissions of all shipping to keep our planet breathing well.

What currency are the prices in?

All prices are in AUD.

How much is shipping?

For orders under $99, there is a flat rate postal charge of $12.50 for Standard or $18.50 for Express delivery in Australia and $25 for international delivery.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Delivery Time: Orders are usually shipped within 1-3 days of being received*. Once shipped, within Australia, standard orders take 1-5 working days to deliver (Please allow 1-2 extra days for rural delivery and delivery to WA.) For all other countries, you can expect delivery of your products within 14 working days or sooner for the express service.

If you have not received your order within 21 days please email us at info@synthesisorganics.com

*If there is a delay in the supply of any of the products you have ordered, we will advise you as soon as practical. If the goods cannot be delivered within 30 days of your order, we will notify you of this delay so you may either cancel your order or agree a further delivery time with us.

What if Notox doesn't work for me

Individual results may vary depending on your personal circumstances and which other products you use with Notox. Given all of Notox's 5-star reviews, we're confident you're going to get the results you're after! But just in case, your purchase is backed with a complete money-back guarantee. If you don't fall in love with your Notox Ageless Glow Serum in the first 30 days, we will completely refund your purchase, no questions asked.

What makes Synthesis Organics skincare different

After years in the making, we have developed our unique Energy Imbued® technology because we believe energetic skincare is the future.

Science has proven that emotions and negative thought patterns can have serious consequences on our health and bodies. However, our energy can show these disturbances even before signs of any physical symptoms (like fine lines) take place.

To truly affect change or healing - whether it’s our skin or our state of being - then we must address the underlying energetic conditions as well as the physical symptoms themselves. This has always been the open secret to healing, wellness and higher states of being.

Our Energy Imbued® process brings this heart-felt philosophy to life. We use this technology to infuse the Notox Ageless Glow Serum with positive life-force energy which allows it to address imbalances prior to the formation of any skin or wellness concern.

What experts are saying

Tina Viney — CEO at Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network

“This is not your run of the mill organic or natural product. Generous in high quality and quantity of active ingredients, from the first touch you know you are dealing with a very special product. Synthesis Organics does not compromise on quality and utilises some of the most expensive medical grade ingredients and essential oils on the planet."

Dr Marc Cohen — Founding Board Member Global Wellness Summit and Extreme Wellness

"It's the consciousness that Theme brings to the company, from the environmental consideration, the indigenous connection, to her Energy Imbued® magic, that makes Synthesis stand out as the organic care range of choice for the most discerning wellness spas."

Maria Camille — Writer for Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa

"This is the future of our industry, taking our products to a higher level. Rains (founder of Synthesis) uses a proprietary process to energise ingredients, without chemicals or preservatives, to the point of synergy. Products of this nature become an energy source beyond something you put on your skin."

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