Morning Beauty Ritual Collection

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Take time to align with Love and acceptance for the day ahead.


Create an energetic stone elixir by placing a glass of filtered water onto your gua sha,  Energy Imbued® symbol facing up. Drink three sips of the imbued water. Embody an intention with a deep belly breath.


To cleanse, apply soothe cleansing oil and breathe in the blue chamomile as you use the gua sha, feeling stagnant energy go to create more flow. Remove oil with warm washcloth. Feel your skin’s softness.



To tone, spray spectrum face mist, and dive headfirst into floral-infused marine waters to soothe and refresh skin and senses. Delight in the hydrating relief.


To treat, apply notox ageless glow serum and notice a natural skin lift within a few minutes through transformative elastin alchemy. Embrace your ageless radiance.


To moisturise, apply spectrum shield to seal in all the benefits, visualising yourself held in a protective sphere of light free from negative UV rays and energies.

Feel beautiful and fully prepared for the day.

    The stone labels on our essential oil bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled marble waste, and the bottles are made with biophotonic violet glass for optimum preservation and energetic benefits. These bottles are infinitely recyclable so we are able to offer a refill service.

    Just select the refill option on our website, then send us your empty bottle. We will clean and refill it, replace the label if necessary, and send it back to you. The refill option discount should more than cover the cost of your shipping back to us, especially if you refill several bottles at a time or take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING offer for purchases over $99.

    As part of our Carbon Neutral Commitment, we also offset the carbon emissions of shipping back and forth to keep our planet breathing well.

    The Spectrum Face Mist and the Soothe Cleansing Oil can be refilled.


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