Self-Care Rituals

A ritual is a hands-on experience that has meaning, a sense of purpose. It is a way to channel energy  - a unique power and flow brought about by special actions and repetition that allow the body and conscious mind to truly connect.

Creating a ritual is about pausing to be present, to align or realign with our inner self, to be mindful and to nourish ourselves in ways that are more than skin deep.

Finding "self care time" is often overlooked in our hectic lives, however  it's essential that we take the time to replenish ourselves for our health and well-being. Creating small rituals that allow you to fit "self care time" into your life, can prepare you for the day and help you unwind in the evening - creating balance and energising body and mind.

Creating affirmations, being mindful of breath, being purposeful with actions, feeling pressure and touch and awareness of scent allow the mind to focus on the innate senses that we lose touch with during stressful times.

Take the time to enjoy a mindful skin ritual to anchor your senses and replenish your being.

Body Bliss Ritual

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Self-Care Ritual

Sweet Dreams Ritual

Bathing Ritual

Aromatic Centering and Balancing Ritual

Beauty with Integrity

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