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Environmental responsibility is part of our DNA. Our brand emerged out of our previous business – The Thin Green Line – which was all about offering sustainable alternatives to commonly used products. As well as providing you with the purest of natural skincare and aromatherapy, Synthesis is committed to sustainability in all ways possible:

All our ingredients are sustainable, with 95% of them coming from certified organic fields and the remainder 100% natural and biodegradable.
Our organic factory is run on 100% renewable energy hydro-power. We recycle all we can and sustainability informs all of our purchasing and sourcing decisions. 

Our packaging is recyclable, and pre-recycled wherever possible.
We are committed to integrating new sustainable technologies as they become available and innovating in-house where we can.

Packaging has been the greatest area of challenge in terms of sustainability. As a small company with low buying volumes, we are subject to what is available off the shelf. Regardless we have persevered and found ways to reduce our footprint and take responsibility for not creating more plastic products that can end up in our oceans and ensuring what is created is recycled. 

Eco-lux Packaging

We believe true luxury is a healthy body and a healthy environment and hope you do too.

As such we are committed to offering eco-lux rather than traditional luxury looking packaging. This commitment means we do not use the luxurious-looking Acrylic containers used by many high-end cosmetic companies. As well as being made from virgin petrochemical plastics, Acrylic and other commonly used cosmetic plastics leak toxic chemicals and are not able to be recycled. When understanding that… what was attractive, suddenly is not so much anymore…

Instead, we choose to package our skincare and aromatherapy with the integrity of ingredient preservation and sustainability at the forefront of our decision-making process. 

What we do now

  1. We use pre-recycled materials whenever possible and recyclable materials.
  2. We are in the process of working with suppliers to create pumps, sprays and caps from ocean waste plastics, bio-resins and possibly even hemp. As our scale increases, we will be able to fund research and development in these areas and custom-make these parts from sustainable sources.
  3. We purchase our packaging from Carbon Neutral Fair Trade Factories also committed to adopting sustainability measures and ethical working environments.
  4. We use post-consumer recycled PET (called PCR) or bio-resin bottles for our bulk-sized bottles too large for glass to be an option and for our airless packs. Airless packs for our sensitive formulas mean we don’t need to use petroleum-based preservatives in the skincare and can deliver products of optimum freshness to your skin. And by using PCR PET we ensure that no toxic chemicals leach into the ingredients and no more virgin plastic is being produced for the delivery of our products to you. Plus, we are giving an economic incentive by using PCR, to encourage recycling… Which means fewer plastics in our oceans. 
  5. We use oxy-biodegradable paper pouches for our dry products. Behind the scenes, for our bulk professional product delivery, we use recyclable pouches to eliminate the need for plastic buckets.  
  6. We use recycled paper and vegetable inks for our printing and boxes. 
  7. We offer bulk refill sizes on many of our products.

How you can help

  • Always recycle your products in the appropriate recycling container when finished.
  • Switch to Synthesis Organic products wherever possible and tell all your friends and family about our sustainability ethos so they too can make a difference through their purchasing power. The greater our production volume, the more we can support further innovation in this area which will ripple out to other companies too. 
  • Upcycle our glass bottles – keep them for vases or travel bottles – see Instagram upcycle for ideas.

Watch out for Greenwashing

Some products appear to be more eco-conscious because they have bamboo or wood finishing, or are made to look more natural in some way. Unfortunately, the lovely looking bamboo packaging is lined with petroleum-based plastics and the combination of the two materials together makes them harder to impossible to recycle.

Check the bottom of the bottle to ensure the product is recyclable and which type of recycling area they need to be disposed into. If it isn’t clear contact the company to find out how to recycle the products. 

Remember, each one of us makes a difference… and like the butterfly effect, even a small change can have a big impact.

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