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Our skin is our largest organ, our vital surface to the world. It affects our health and sense of wellbeing and deserves to be cared for with only the most beneficial and supportive products. The skin has remarkable powers of absorption, taking in both healing and harmful substances, which is why every drop in Synthesis’s beautiful organic skin care works with and supports your body’s natural renewal.

Epsom Salts

Magnesium sulfate | Mineral

Long known as a natural remedy, Epsom salt is named for a salt spring in Surrey, England. Both magnesium and sulfate can be absorbed through the skin, meaning a warm bath in dissolved Epsom salt can bring a wealth of benefits. Magnesium assists in muscle and nerve function, regulating blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and making protein, bone and DNA. It can also aid in stress reduction, relieving aches and pains and inflammation in tired joints, better bowel function, and beautiful glowing skin.

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Energy Imbued
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