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Encompassing both Eastern and Western philosophies, Synthesis presents a new approach which is universal in its application, to bring the purest of energy to Spa and Wellness. More than just organic, Synthesis energy aligned treatments invite a connection with the eternal life source spoken of since ancient times – the life-force that is the ‘secret’ to natural health, vitality and wellbeing.

As well as deeply nourishing your skin cells with pure organic ingredients, carefully formulated to care for your skin’s unique needs, each treatment is imbued with life-enhancing energy patterns arising out of the mystery of existence. Your inherent radiance is ignited, allowing your unique beauty to shine through your being. This ageless quality is perfectly attractive and true.

By supporting you holistically, Synthesis encourages you to share your own positive energy with the world in your uniquely inspired way. Synthesis energy tools gently re-align your Nadis (subtle nervous system), Chakras (key energy centres), Meridians (energy circuits of the body) and Auric field. These energy tools support the inherent reality and conscious awareness that everything is only energy or light. When aligned, these energy patterns evoke your natural beauty and invite universal whole-body renewal.

By recognizing the principle at the heart of most of the world’s healing traditions – we are all systems of living, breathing vital energy, much more than just flesh and bones – we can understand that our wellbeing and radiance depends upon allowing this supreme force of life energy to flow.

Your Truth, Beauty & Goodness Guarantee.

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