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Article: "Pull the Plug" - Create a Nourishing Moment This Christmas

"Pull the Plug" - Create a Nourishing Moment This Christmas

"Pull the Plug" - Create a Nourishing Moment This Christmas

Pull the plug

With the world continuing to race ahead of a light speed, many of us get sucked into this draining time of the year and forget what it should be about.

With our iPads and iPhones making it so easy to multi-task and always being "on-line" to deal with urgent work matters, have a chat with someone on the other side of the world and clicking the purchase button every 5 minutes to fill the Christmas sacks with gifts, when do we ever all get a moment together without all this other "stuff"!?

These holidays are a time to reconnect with our loved ones, forgive past matters and look forward with new clarity and strength.  

To share our experiences past and learn for the future.  We can't possibly do this while we are all "plugged in". So why not "pull the plug" for a nourishing moment this Christmas? 

Whether it's a morning, an afternoon or an all-day affair, get together with your loved ones for a moment of reconnection.  Have a Christmas brunch somewhere or plan an afternoon of fun activities, anything to create a moment where you can leave all the other "stuff" at home and just enjoy being you and being with your treasured friends.

Taking time to enjoy moments like these, especially out in nature, will leave you and your loved ones feeling renewed, restored and nurtured. But remember, turn off those phones and tablets! Merry Christmas to you all! With love, Synthesis xx

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