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Article: YIN: SKIN ALCHEMY | Healing Experience

YIN: SKIN ALCHEMY | Healing Experience

YIN: SKIN ALCHEMY | Healing Experience


“To heal a world in crisis, we must START with OURSELVES”.
Theme Rains

Your invitation: 

Join us for the YIN:SKIN Alchemy Healing Experience hosted by Synthesis Organics at Heart of Vinyasa, 5/10 Towers Drive, Mullumbimby on Saturday May 20th 3.00 – 6.00pm. 

This unique event will offer a gentle and potent fusion of yin yoga, weaved with the organic harmony of Synthesis Organics skincare products.

Gift your skin, body, mind and soul this memorable and unique opportunity for Relaxation, Release and Rejuvenation.

Many of us are addicted to the do, do, do. Running off adrenaline and dominant in masculine energy. Our bodies crave for us to slow down, but most of the time we’re too busy to hear. 

We are being asked to slow down and listen within. 

That’s where the potency of “yin yoga” is a powerful gift in these modern times. 

At  YIN:SKIN Alchemy, you’ll be invited to drop into a deeply soul-nourishing healing space, and explore deeper parts of yourself, whilst also experiencing the unique alchemical essence of Synthesis Organics high vibrational products. 

Your guides:

YIN: SKIN Alchemy, will be facilitated by Theme Rains (founder of Synthesis Organics) Louise Walker (Yin Yoga & Meditation teacher, Speaker and Coach), and sound healer Kat Ellis playing the crystal bowls. 

Your experience:

Your YIN:SKIN Alchemy journey will be a 3 hour healing and highly transformative nurturing yin yoga session, with the following elements weaved into the experience: 

  • Facilitated facial using Synthesis Organic’s divine products
  • Learn the transformative and energetic effects of these energy imbued products on your skin
  • Aromatherapy using Synthesis Organic’s collection of specially created essential oils 
  • Soothing touch and gentle massage from Synthesis team with aromatherapy oils whilst in yin poses 
  • Crystal bowl sound healing and a long savasana rest for ultimate replenishment 
  • Louise’s soothing voice will guide you safely through the experience and in and out each yin pose
  • The sacred sound of Kat’s crystal bowls will allow you to shed layers of tension and connect 


On arrival you’ll receive your Synthesis organics kit (includes a sample of: 

Soothe cleansing oil and Replenish elixir (or Calm Elixir if your skin is irritated/congested). 

You will be invited to settle in and get comfy before Theme Rains, owner and founder of Synthesis Organics opens this special event. 

First, you’ll experience a Synthesis guided facial with acupressure massage techniques and facial yoga techniques weaved in. This will allow you to feel relaxed, nurtured and connected to yourself before we drop you deep inside for a beautiful yin class, followed by sound healing, deep rest, contemplation time and then a sharing circle and a chance to ask questions and purchase any products you feel called to. 

Our intention: 

The YIN:SKIN Alchemy healing journey will give you the time and space, to really listen to your body, connect with your skin, to fully let go and melt into your mat. 

The YIN:SKIN Alchemy sensual experience also includes the use of specially selected Synthesis Organic essential oils to help you ground, calm, and relax into the different yin poses.

This experience promises to gift you an exquisite opportunity to soothe your soul, and experience something magical and profoundly healing.

We sincerely hope you can join us. We have limited space available, please secure your space here.

About your facilitators:

Theme Rains is the founder of Synthesis Organics – an award-winning skincare and well-being company. Theme created Synthesis as a way to share the life-positive healing modalities that have touched her life, with the intention to nurture, uplift, and restore others in their wellness journey. Synthesis products and treatments are used in the world’s leading luxury eco spas and retreats.

Louise Walker is passionate about creating a safe space for you to grow and heal within her yoga classes. Her classes encourage learning, contemplation, strength and spiritual growth. Louise is a hands-on teacher and loves to include plenty of respectful touch via physical assists and massage, as well as beautiful playlists, scents and poetic sharings from texts and her own experience in life. As well as teaching yoga and meditation, Louise also practises as a Developmental coach. Her coaching awakens her clients to new perspectives which allows them to identify what's been holding them back from living their Truth, Purpose and Potential.

Kat Ellis is a Sound Healer, Counsellor, Astrologer and Light Activator. She is passionate about supporting men and women to embody their soul's mission and purpose in this lifetime. By offering gentle and nurturing support in clearing and healing wounds, this allows them to access deep layers and truly step into their divine gifts. She works with sound, crystal bowls & voice activation to take men and women on guided journeys within to access deep states of inner awareness and peace.


Feedback from our first YIN:SKIN Alchemy event

" What a beautiful, nourishing event. It was a true journey of coming back to the body and the ultimate self love. I will be using some of the techniques I learnt in my daily self care practice. "

Louise Cargo

" Deeply nourishing and nurturing experience of self care with the connection of aromatherapy. "

Hannah Forrester

" A moment in time to completely fulfill the body with love, beauty and peace. The combination of Synthesis Organics product, Yin practice + sound healing is the greatest gift to self which will benefit those who surround. Much more fulfilling than any beauty or massage treatment I have experienced. "

Annette Duffield

" An amazing sensational experience to awaken and release the body and mind. "

Sophia Palmer

" A gift of deep nourishment of restoration. The combination of love, pure sound, exquisite smells, touch and movement made the 3 hours feel like a mini retreat. The Synthesis products are amazing. "

Clover Hart

" The Yin Skin alchemy experience is the epitome of deep feminine self care. So yummy. "

Amanda Fisher

" This restorative experience was a luscious sensory journey. My nervous system feels calmed, skin glowing and body openly energized. "

Bebe King

" This is truly the pamper package spa in a yoga class that can take home and regift yourself over and over. To be taught how to give myself a facial, do acupressure and to drift into a deeply restorative Yin class being held by these beautiful facilitators in Sound touch guidance and aromatherapy. Pure Bliss! "

Jessica Connick

" A beautiful way to experience the depth of the Synthesis products and relish their absorptions and embodiment. A multi sensational and multi dimensional deep rejuvenation and restoration for mind, body, and soul in the healing presence of nurturing sisters. "

Nicole Fantl

" Great location. High quality products. Yin class was brilliant. Sound healing Divine. Face massage was very good. Such a great combination!! I’ll do it again. Thank you :) "

Irene Messina 

" Thank you for a magical journey through Yin, skin and sound. I am deeply relaxed, nurtured and glowing. "

Rebecca Griffiths

" Wow! Such a deeply relaxing and nurturing few hours! Divine products, smells, gently stretching and loving touch! I was transported. Thank you xx "

Sarah Mellor

" The best way to reconnect with self. Feeling so nourished and happy. "

Jacqueline Marks

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