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Oily & Combination Skin Collection

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  • Optimal Balance for Oily/Combination Skin: Cleanse, Balance & Protect

    Oily and combination skin types benefit from targeted care that purifies deeply while maintaining a healthy balance. Synthesis Organics is dedicated to refining your skin’s natural oil production with sebum-balancing oils and protective ingredients that sustain the skin's natural pH.

    Our philosophy emphasizes a deep, purifying cleanse using plant-based surfactants and enzymes to effectively regulate and rebalance oil production.

    Your Oily/Combination Skin Ritual includes:

    • Renew Enzyme Cleanser (100ml): Offers a deep cleanse that gently exfoliates and refreshes the skin.
    • Renew Exfoliating Toner: Clarifies and prepares the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of subsequent treatments.
    • All 4 One Facial Exfoliant & Mask (20g): A versatile treatment that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, and revitalizes the skin.
    • Bioactive Balancing Moisturiser: Hydrates and balances the skin, providing a lightweight, non-greasy finish.


  • Enhance your skincare routine with our additional recommended products:

    • Spectrum Face Mist (100ml): Instantly refreshes and hydrates, perfect for use throughout the day to control excess oil and shine.
    • Notox Ageless Glow Serum (15ml): Infuses the skin with potent anti-aging nutrients, promoting a healthy, youthful complexion.
    • HA+ Flower Dew Serum: Offers additional hydration without heaviness, helping to refine pores and smooth the skin’s texture.


  • With this curated regimen from Synthesis Organics, discover the perfect balance for your oily or combination skin, leaving it clear, refreshed, and beautifully matte.

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Oily / Combination Skin Bundle Synthesis Organics
Oily & Combination Skin Collection Sale price$428.00 Regular price$475.00