Bioenergetic Scent Journey - Aromatherapy, Body Awareness and Perfume Making

Allow yourself to be guided on a Bioenergetic Scent Journey to activate your "scentual" intelligence and restore inner harmony. Synthesis Organics’ Bioenergetic Scent Journeys are designed to elevate your intuition and natural healing capacity through the "scentual," transformative powers of aromatherapy and body awareness.

Journey within,
Guided by intuition,
And Nature's healing botanicals,
Connect with your true essence.

Following a meditative practice to help you drop into a deep state of reflection, embark on an aromatic process that teaches you how to listen to your body’s innate intelligence, culminating in the creation of your own personalised, intentional perfume synergy that holds the perfect resonance with your true essence and made from Certified Organic, Energy Imbued® essential oils.

During the scent journey, you'll not only learn to listen to your body’s innate intelligence to choose the right scent for you and your present moment intention; you’ll then also learn how to apply it to key acupressure points to reduce stress and evoke overall wellbeing which you can continue to use at home.

HOSTED BY: Your scent journey will be led by professional aromatherapist and energetic healer, Theme Rains, whose award-winning aroma therapies and experiences are offered at renowned eco-luxe wellness properties around the world.


Join us for our next Scent Journey @ Heart Space Byron Bay at 5:30 Tuesday the 24th May. 

Would you like to offer a scent journey for your next event / retreat / at your spa?

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"Everything flourishes in the presence of Love"

Theme Rains