living energy in every drop

energy imbued® alchemy

“In every culture,and every medicine before ours,healing was accomplished by moving energy”

- Nobel Laureate and Biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
(discovered Vitamin C)

everything is energy


Treating the body as though it's only physical leads to disconnection from our true form, from each other, and from the nature of reality itself. Science has proven that emotions and negative thought patterns can have serious consequences on our health and bodies. However, it's the concept of the human energy field which can show these disturbances to the vital life force even before signs of any physical symptoms take place.

To truly and responsibly affect change or healing - whether it’s our skin, state of being, or the world - then we must address the underlying energetic conditions as well as the physical symptoms. This has always been the open secret to healing, wellness and higher states of being.

Our Energy Imbued® process, an incredible technology in its own right, brings this heart-felt philosophy to life. It allows our products to work at the level of energy where they can address issues prior to the formation of any skin or wellness concern.

We are extremely grateful to be able to share this technology with you and hope that you receive all the benefits it has to offer.