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The world can either reflect our radiance or it can reflect our imbalances. Therefore, to heal a world in crisis, we must begin with ourselves. Our philosophy of Enlightened Self Care is about the responsibility we have to ourselves, others, and the planet to live in alignment with heart intelligence and improve the world by improving ourselves. When we are aligned to the heart, we are aligned to our true nature, embodying the harmonious attributes of Truth, Beauty and Goodness which positively impacts everything and everyone around us through the empowerment of our own radiance.

The radiance of true conscious beauty comes from the heart; from being connected with our true essence which is Love, as well as caring for the physical health of our skin and body with the purest nutrient-rich organic ingredients.

It is our intention to inspire and support this awakening with conscious products that deliver transformative results and beautiful skin because of the fact they work holistically to unify inner and outer beauty for a sense of harmony and the visible glow of ageless, heartfelt radiance.

It’s simple, when you are aligned to Love, your beauty is undeniable.

"Everything flourishes in the presence of love."

- Theme Rains



For us, UNPARALLELED PURITY starts with sourcing the highest quality, cruelty free ingredients whether Certified Organic or beyond. We then use the cleanest, most effective extraction methods to honour the nurturing life-force energy of plants.

We surrender to QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, allowing the seasonal variety and availability of Nature to help guide our sourcing. We only work with a selection of value aligned partners rather than trying to mass produce.

As humans, we are in a perpetual state of evolution and thus always aspiring to be the best we can. INTEGRITY means holding ourselves accountable to putting out the very best with our every action. We do what we say we are going to do, and so do our products; we hold ourselves accountable to that. To back this up, we offer full TRANSPARENCY of our value chain, from seed to finished product, because we believe you should know what goes into and onto your body, along with where it originates.

CONSCIOUS SUSTAINABILITY is the awareness that every thought and action has an impact on the whole, so we are always and continuously seeking out, embodying and evolving the most sustainable methods of production, business and regenerative living. Read more about sustainability commitment HERE.

Because LOVE IS ACTION, we practice living from the intelligence of the Heart, creating space for Love to manifest in ourselves, and in the world at large to create a positive feedback loop of life-force current.

Good business for us means BUSINESS AS SERVICE and BUSINESS FOR PURPOSE which is about offering life-enhancing products and services for a fair exchange. It also means finding opportunities to empower and donate a % of profits towards activities and organisations that reflect our values. Read more about giving back HERE.

All of our values are aspects of BEAUTY, which we see as  an attribute of the HEART, a felt energy. And we aspire to have all aspects of our business be BEAUTIFUL, GOOD and TRUE. This can be seen in creating a loving, life-positive environment, and in how we interact with each other, our customers and our suppliers.

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