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Article: Synthesis and The Art Of Healing Magazine Affiliation

Synthesis and The Art Of Healing Magazine Affiliation

Synthesis and The Art Of Healing Magazine Affiliation

Art of Healing

 We are very excited to announce the beginning of what we hope to be a long-standing affiliation with the newly released The Art of Healing Magazine. This magazine that has been a beacon of all you need to know about natural health has recently undergone a face-lift.  

It is now more beautiful than ever, with essential tips, news and pioneering information that is a pleasure to read on these beautiful spring days. The most recent release, Issue 44, looks at some interesting topics including Subtle Energy Principles and includes a double page feature on Energy from the view of our founder, Theme Rains and also a treatment review of Barkha Wolf who is an expert in Structural Integration and is the co-writer of the new Synthesis Satori Ritual!

Theme Rains

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