Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture with Diane Carter - Heart Space Guest Practioner

Guest Practitioners at Synthesis Organics Heart Space

At the Synthesis Organics Heart Space we are dedicated to bringing you the best and most integral practitioners and teachers to support you in your self-care and development.  

As such we are delighted to announce our ongoing Guest Practitioner residencies. We have chosen these wonderful practitioners to assist you in reconnecting back to yourself, to support you in your life and processes and to offer you the opportunity to experience our incredible range of healing skincare and essential oils through their treatments and workshops. 

We are excited to announce the first of our very special guest practitioners to visit our Heart Space in Byron Bay, Diane Carter. 

Diane will be joining us for strictly limited sessions on Friday May 28th and Monday May 30th. 


Diane Carter is an Internationally Accredited Acupuncturist, Quantum Health Coach and founder of Transparent Wellbeing. 

Facilitating people to discover their self-healing superpowers has been a life’s work and an honour for Diane, as she continues to learn and teach what it is to be an energetic being in this fast-changing, often stressful world. That we are in fact “wild-life with an innate intelligence to self-regulate” underlies the foundations of her teachings and practice of Japanese Rejuvenation Acupuncture.

As a facial rejuvenation specialist, Diane has researched the field of organic skincare and knows that what we put on our skin has a major influence on our inner health and outer radiance. She is a long time brand ambassador for Synthesis Organics.

75 minute sessions include Consultation, gentle body and facial acupuncture, rejuvenating facial massage and acupressure techniques using Synthesis Organics products tailored specifically for your skin’s needs.

Investment $145