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Feeling it is totally aligned with my skin, so nourishing, balancing and naturally complete

Replenish Elixir
Vanessa Steels
Replenish Elixir

Although it felt good on the skin, there was no difference on how my skin looked.

Notox - No work - no buying again

I used this product morning and night for nearly 60 days and have not noticed any difference. I won’t be buying a 3rd bottle. Notox - no work - no buy again

Soothe Cream

This cream is light, gentle and makes my skin feels so hydrated and smooth. I’d recommend this to everyone


I have been using this product for about 4 weeks and reordered more. Unfortunately i have developed an allergy to it and my face has come out in many small red spots. I stopped using Notox and after 2 days the spots decreased and then started using again and unfortunately they have returned. Can I return the product? Thanks. Hilary

Replenish Elixir
April Storey
My favourite face product

This is my most recommended and loved product I use on my face. It feels and smells so beautiful. When I use it I notice my skin is so smooth, nourished and healthy. I absolutely recommend this product to others, its a must have.

Incredible results!

From day one I saw a difference, almost a month later and it just keeps getting better! Highly recommend you try Notox!

Notox Ageless Glow Serum
Anna Katahiotis

Notox Ageless Glow Serum

Spectrum shield

I quite like it, I think it’s a bit early to see any changes
It does tend to drag a bit on the face when applied


I love this product!
It is gentle yet effective!!!!
I’m onto my second bottle so it must be good or I wouldn’t have reordered!

After sale service was excellent

Unfortunately the pump in the serum container stopped working properly after 2 weeks. Not a problem, we'll send you a fresh new serum bottle and return packaging so we can find out what went wrong. The serum itself, or what I could access, seemed to make a real difference. More on that when I receive my fresh container and can use as directed 😃


Feels smooth to apply and don’t need much, but I didn’t give a 5 as I like serum to feel like it’s tightening on the face

HA+ Flower Dew Serum
Kerry Ferschmann
Synthesis Organics

I have purchased the whole range of Synthesis Orgaincs, and I am loving the products, they are beautiful to use and the results are amazing. Well done!


It seems to be a great product
My skin seems to be smoother.

Notox Ageless Glow Serum
Mary-Jo Tonnaer
LOVE this product!

I've been using this for two months every day. My skin loves this, and it has made a difference to my under eye area.
One small pump (literally one drop) goes a long way and is usually enough to pat under both eyes. It glides on, and the smell is divine; I love using it and I am someone who has never had a skincare ritual. This leaves my skin feeling nourished and looking radiant and smooth. I will continue using this.

Notox Ageless Glow Serum

Just tried the sample bottle and will be placing an order for the bigger size .It did make a difference in a short time. I was impressed!

Notox Ageless Glow Serum

I love your products however I don’t feel this product provides the effects you claim. My skin drinks it up but I haven’t seen any reduction in lines. Also the bottle isn’t great. The dispenser is sticky and it’s hard to dispense the correct amount. I lost a lot of product due to it squirting out really quickly. It’s very hard to control the amount dispensed. Not sure I would purchase this again.

The product feels nice and soaks into my skin easily. But I cannot see any difference in lines yet

Replenish Eye Cream
Mark Leckenby
Replenish Eye Cream

I've tried a lot, and I mean a lot, of eye creams in my time but am truly impressed with Synthesis Organics Replenish Eye Cream. Feeling those botanicals do their work is impressive. It is the first eye cream where I don't have to worry if I go to close to the actual eye.. zero irritation.
Thank you,

Plump, firm and complexion

It feels almost velvety on the skin. After 30 days of use my skin feels “plumper”

In seventh heaven

Loving every product from Synthesis, feeling so nourished and complete

C=mc² Vitamin C Serum
christine Maudy
Vitamin C Serum

I started using this serum a couple of weeks ago in the evening and Notox in the morning. I feel that it really wakes up my skin and gives a special glow. I am not sure there are any improvements on pigmentation and age spots but it is a bit early to say.

Notox Ageless Glow

Love this product and will continue to use it.

I think it is working.. feels nice on the skin.. I am thinking I will keep going with this product


Feel after 1 month there has been a slight lifting.
Hoping for more with regular use