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Article: 5 science-backed ways you can reconnect with nature to Restore Our Earth™

5 science-backed ways you can reconnect with nature to  Restore Our Earth™

5 science-backed ways you can reconnect with nature to Restore Our Earth™

At Synthesis Organics, we intuitively know that spending time in nature is good for our body, mind and spirit.

Whether we take a walk in the forest or smell the scent of a native flower, we experience an intrinsic, restorative sense of calm and connection to self and the environment which we are a part of.

This year’s Earth Day theme, Restore Our Earth™, resonates deeply in our hearts and minds because working with the healing power of nature is at the core of what we do.

To celebrate and acknowledge today’s importance, we are suggesting science-backed ways you can reconnect with nature that can help treat the global environmental crisis.

Reconnecting with nature fosters sustainable societies

People always talk about ‘reconnecting’ with nature.

This is because modern life has us living disconnected from nature, from the source.

Our society has been disconnected geographically and spiritually, the root cause of unsustainability in the first place.

Urgent issues including climate change, man-made disasters, management of energy, food, water and waste, loss of biodiversity and land use change have evolved due to this disconnect.

The good news is that studies show that by simply reconnecting with nature, people can help create a more sustainable-oriented society.

For instance, a study of time spent by hikers in nature correlated to donating to conservation causes, and farmers with a psychological connectedness to nature positively correlated with vegetation protection behaviours.

This proves that working at an individual level, reconnecting with nature can be seen as a way to intervene and invoke change that creates more sustainability-oriented people.

In the longer run, a more sustainable-oriented society can serve to remedy the global environmental crisis.


5 simple ways you can reconnect with nature to Restore Our Earth™

So, how can you reconnect with nature?

The literature suggests some simple strategies you can use to reconnect that will help foster a more sustainable society.

We’ve compiled these for you below.

1. Practice mindfulness

Practising mindfulness can help you attune to your intuition, breathe slower and experience connection to self. It will remind you that everything is connected, including ourselves and nature.

Contemplative and mindfulness practices like meditating and performing rituals are proven to help you connect to self psychologically and can help promote sustainability.

Being in the present moment is also scientifically associated with higher emotional intelligence and expanded consciousness.

We recommend integrating a mindfulness practice into your daily routine, using natural scent tools to support your journey.

This is especially potent to reach far away natural places without leaving your ritual space.

For instance, by diffusing our Breath Of Australia oil blend which contains some of the most remarkable phyto-nutrient dense plants from the Australian bush, you can experience the therapeutic effects of forest bathing in a bottle.

Synthesis Organics Ritual

“Take a moment to close your eyes and visualise yourself in a beautiful forest, receiving all the healing benefits with every inhale, and releasing all stress with every exhale. Follow your breath this way for up to 20 minutes for a rejuvenating meditation.”

2. Imbue yourself in Mother Nature

Surrounding yourself with nature’s bounty in its purest form will connect you back to your true nature, which will instinctively seek to protect and preserve our natural places from.

Whether it be a walk in the park or breathing in aromatic scents, interacting physically with nature provides natural meditative effects and is proven to shape positive attitudes towards the environment.

This is what led us to create our Mother Earth collection. The aromatherapy blend is a way to connect to the vast intelligence of Mother Earth through essential oils, the purest life-force of plants.

Synthesis Organics Ritual

“Breathe in an essential oil synergy like Mother Earth, close your eyes and tune into your heartbeat. Visualise connecting your heartbeat with that of the Earth and feeling yourselves as one.”

3. Grow your own veggie garden

Starting a vegetable garden is such a soul nurturing activity. Not to mention it is a relaxing, fun, money saving outdoor activity.

Growing food for your own consumption has a myriad of science-backed benefits including:

  • Promoting sustainability through a nature experience

  • Building knowledge of ecosystems

  • Contributing to feelings of emotional attachment to place

Another study showed that tree planting strengthened connectedness to nature.

All you need to start is some seeds or seedlings from your local nursery, some chemical-free soil and one set of hands.

4. Visit your local produce market or community garden

Buying produce from local farmers at the weekend market, or venturing to your nearest community garden, keeps your consumption activities hyper-local which hugely minimises your environmental footprint.

It also means you consume fresher food, less likely impacted by toxins and pesticides.

Fundamentally, we are connected to the biosphere because we consume its resources to survive. If we can be more mindful when consuming its resources, we can bring about positive change.

Ives et al. (2018) recommend buying local produce to increase regional self-sufficiency and shorten food chains which uses less transport resources and means we consume only what we need.

5. Choose Certified Organic when possible

By choosing organic products when possible, you not only restore the earth by supporting organic farming and sustainable wildcrafting; you also reduce the toxic load on the planet and to your own body.

Over 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, so what we apply to our skin topically requires just as much care as what we eat.

By ingesting and applying only the purest ingredients of nature, you are able to ignite your body’s inherent healing capacity with the right kind of ‘food’.

At Synthesis Organics, we are proudly Australian Certified Organic. Read more about why we are strictly Certified Organic.

Synthesis Organics Ritual

“Diffuse pure organic essential oils in your space and visualise the plants and trees the oils come from and even the organic farms or wild natural places they are growing in.”

This Earth Day, Donate to Bush Heritage Australia.

5% of proceeds from each sale of our Mother Earth Essential Oil Synergy and Mother Earth Roll On will go to Bush Heritage Australia, a not-for-profit that conserves our magnificent landscapes and irreplaceable native species by responsibly managing land and partnering with Aboriginal communities.

Interested in learning more about the healing qualities of nature?

Find out more on the Synthesis Organics blog.

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