S.N.H.S. Dip. Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Counselling and Psychotherapy

theme rains, founder

Inspired by a deep calling to be a healing presence, Theme left behind a promising career in human rights law to journey through a two-decade long and ongoing practice in the Healing Arts. This included a 14 year apprenticeship with a master healer from whom she inherited sole custodianship of an energy medicine wisdom that stretches across eons of time. 

Applying her learnings to skincare and aromatherapy, Theme’s intention was to create beauty and wellness products of unparalleled purity that could serve as a holistic healing influence to restore us to harmony with Nature and our own true essence.

Humbly considered a pioneer in green chemistry formulations, Theme brought to market some of the first Certified Organic beauty and wellness products ever made in Australia. What started out as a response to elevate the quality of products used by her fellow therapists and healers, soon became in-demand high performance skincare & aromatherapy ranges and rituals now endorsed by customers, therapists, doctors and leading eco-luxe spas and wellness properties around the world.

"I like to describe Synthesis as 'the heart' expressed through self care. It's a vehicle for sharing all the healing influences that have touched and shaped my life."

Theme is now joined in the company by her husband, Christopher, whose eclectic professional background in film, documentaries, and war journalism, ineffably led to consulting in regenerative agriculture and advanced training in energy and vibrational medicine disciplines around the world. He uses this expertise to help develop new products with Theme and offer new ways to validate the unique benefits of the Synthesis Energy Imbued® process. Most importantly, he and Theme use this expertise to help people and ecological systems heal and restore.  

In between running Synthesis Organics and being a mom to their son, Ziggy, Theme also serves as Australian Ambassador for UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. It’s global mission is to alleviate poverty through empowering women to lead sustainable businesses and lift 250 million girls above the poverty line.