sustainability commitment

Because we hold ourselves accountable to the highest levels of integrity, we are constantly seeking new ways to improve the sustainability of our offerings. This informs all of our purchasing, sourcing and operational decisions.

As a small company, we have persevered and found ways to reduce our footprint and be responsible for closing the loop by not creating more plastic that can end up in our oceans.

certifications and standards

clean and conscious beauty guarantee

We are Australian Certified Organic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Australian Certified Non-Toxic and Australian Made.

Our formulas are produced in small batches.

OUR INGREDIENTS are sourced under Fair Trade principles internationally, as well as from local and Indigenous communities, 95% of which come from Australian Certified Organic fields. The remainder comprise wildcrafted botanicals and 100% natural, vegan and biodegradable functionals that allow us to build and preserve sophisticated skincare formulas.

carbon positive & ethical

Our Lab is run on 100% renewable solar energy and we plant biodiverse, protected native trees with Greenfleet to more than offset any other carbon emissions in our entire business and for all our employees.

We purchase our pre-recycled packaging from carbon neutral factories in Australia whenever possible, along with international factories committed to sustainability measures and ethical working environments. We pay a premium price to have our bottles delivered with biodegradable packaging material instead of the usual materials such as polystyrene foam.

R&D: We are in the process of working with suppliers to create pumps, sprays and caps from ocean waste plastics, bio-resins and even hemp. As production scales, we will be able to fund research and development in these areas and custom-make these parts from sustainable sources.

bottling,preservation,and packaging

closing the loop

We support closing the loop on excess material production, using environmentally-friendly materials whenever possible, and prioritising post-consumer recycled and biodegradable materials.

Our 100% natural preservation, based on "hurdle" technology and pH balancing, helps to ensure our products are kept safe and skin-friendly without resorting to synthetics. We work with packaging that preserves our organic formulas and the environment.

• Solid white post-consumer recycled (up to 50%) glass for skincare
• Biophotonic glass for essential oils
• Airless packaging made from 100% post consumer recycled PET
• Biodegradable bags and post consumer carbon neutral bottles locally made for the bulk professional products and refills 

Our choice of solid white and biophotonic glass aligns with our emphasis on the importance of light and energy in sustaining life; both glass options are infinitely recyclable, and our first choice when it comes to optimizing essential oils and skincare.

Marble Mining Waste or Sugarcane Labels: We use essential oil labels made from marble waste powder that would otherwise go to the landfill. This also creates strong functional labels that don’t require a plastic coating for oil and water resistance like paper labels do. Our skincare labels are made from 100% renewable sugarcane.

Finally, we use recycled paper and vegetable inks for our printing and boxes.

earth rising

how you can help

1. Send your empty bottles back to us for refills or recycling

2. Choose no outer packaging on repeat purchases and we'll invest in planting trees instead

3. Use your purchasing power to support companies whose products are sustainable. 

4. Upcycle our glass bottles. Keep them for vases or travel bottles; search social media for upcycling ideas. We would love to see your ideas too. Please share with us on social media. 

5. Watch out for greenwashing in products and marketing, like natural-looking but non-recyclable materials such as bamboo or wooden lids. Check the bottom of bottles for a recycling label.

6. If you don't send them back to us, or upcycle them, please recycle your product packaging in the appropriate recycling program when finished. Glass and paper can go in most council recycling bins.