living energy in every drop

energy imbued® alchemy

True Alchemy invites us beyond our ‘usual' encapsulation, into the extended sensory feeling connection with our entire environment. Involving ourselves with the process that is True Alchemy evolves us to the true form of consciousness, wherein we are alive as all this apparent world.

“In every culture,and every medicine before ours,healing was accomplished by moving energy”

- Nobel Laureate and Biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
(discovered Vitamin C)

everything is energy


Treating the body as though it's only physical leads to disconnection from our true form, from each other, and from the nature of reality itself. By taking account of the human energy field, we can detect disturbances to the vital life force even before signs of any physical symptoms take place. This is one of the reasons that the Global Wellness Insitute named Energy Medicine one of the top 10 growing trends in health and wellness.

Science has now proven that emotions and negative thought patterns can have serious consequences for our health, bodies, and our skin. Therefore, to truly and responsibly affect change or healing - whether it’s our skin, state of being, or the world - then we must address the underlying energetic and emotional conditions as well as the physical symptoms. This has always been the open secret to healing, wellness and higher states of being.

Our Energy Imbued® technology brings this heart-felt philosophy to life through a proprietary alchemical process that merges traditional plant therapy with energy medicine. This synthesis of Nature, Science and Spirit allows our products to work at the level of energy where they can address issues prior to the formation of any skin or wellness concern, while restoring harmony and balance to the being.

We are extremely grateful to be able to share this technology with you and hope that you can feel and discern all the benefits it has to offer.

The 3 stages of our Energy Imbued® Technology

How It Works

stage one

Clearing energetic toxicity from source ingredients

As human beings, we live in a constant flux of information transmission and exchange. Because of this, we face a vast number of energetic influences in every moment, many of which are quite detrimental. We tend to only think of toxicity in the form chemicals or pollutants, but energetic toxicity is just as tangible. Even the highest quality, most well intentioned and ethical products can become energetically toxic through no fault of their own; simply by whom and how they were made or handled, and what they picked up along the way to you, the end user. So, even though our ingredients our Certified Organic, ethically sourced, and selected for purity and therapeutic qualities, it's still necessary to put them through this process to remove all detrimental energetic impregnation.

stage two

energy alchemy

Transmutation occurs through what can best be described as an energetic rearranging and harmonisation. There is a substantial increase in the amount of life force energy that the products can now hold and it allows each product to have a unique quantum relational response to the end user. Everything still looks the same, but can be felt and measured as noticeably different and elevated.

Stage 3

Stable and impervious to energetic toxicity

There are numerous products claiming to be infused with positive energy from things like crystals, frequencies, vibrations, sacred geometry, mantras, affirmations, reiki, rituals, and the like. Awareness regarding the subtle effects this can have is not new or novel. While these modalities may demonstrate some positive benefits, they are inconsistent at best because they all work within the subtle energy spectrum which makes them entirely susceptible to other energetic influences, whether internal or external, such as electro-magnetic interference, cell phones, negative emotions, or thoughts. 

Everything in use today, including our food, drink and wellness products, are susceptible to picking up negative energetic toxicity, particularly while in transit. Because the Energy Imbued® technology is not limited to the subtle energy spectrum, it holds a ‘stable’ energetic current and is truly impervious to the countless subtle and environmental intrusions we encounter every day. The full potency is always present down to the last drop no matter how far our products travel. This means that our products never have to be energetically cleaned, purified, or recharged.

We may not be able to avoid negative influences or intrusions, but we can certainly transform or neutralise how they affect us by restoring balance to the being with higher harmonic influences such as Energy Imbued® products, and by doing so maintain a state of wellness and balance.

the scientific basis for energy Imbued®

how to validate the technology?

True science is enquiry without prejudice. LIke the speed of light, we can only measure it after the fact of it having traveled somewhere and back, not while it’s actually moving from point A to point B. Trying to measure something like the speed of light with the conventional technology we rely on today such as a video camera is impossible. Therefore, it is quite commonplace for science to measure the effects of something after the fact in order to understand it.

Validating the Energy Imbued® technology works in a very similar fashion. We cannot measure it in action, but we can measure and qualify it’s effects and benefits after the fact.

how we quantify the benefits

Fortunately, there is a growing body of research today in the field of energy medicine that is bringing attention to various modalities in conjunction with medical doctors, scientists and researchers in order to gain a better understanding of how the human energy field works and how to use it for purposes of healing. We work with several methods as well as with scientific researchers and medical professionals to find new ways of measuring the positive benefits of the Energy Imbued® technology. Currently, we have been able to validate the positive benefits with the following modalities and technologies:

• Biofeedback Therapy: Using the highly advanced Metatron NLS biofeedback device, an FDA registered technology used by health clinics and naturopaths around the world, Synthesis Organics skincare products were measured to have as high as a 65% overall positive balancing effect on the being. To give you some perspective, even a 15% positive increase is considered extraordinary.

• Biophotonic measurements of energy and stress levels: Using patented GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) technology registered as a medical device with the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Health, we are able to capture real-time data on how our products have an energising affect and address underlying stress factors and imbalances on the subject.

• Biogeometry: Using the qualitative measurement methodologies developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in Egypt, we were able to measure the positive energy balancing and harmonising benefits of Synthesis Organics skincare and aromatherapy on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of the being upon application.

If you are a scientist or researcher and would like to work with us or include our Energy Imbued® products in your research, please contact us here.


“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.”

- Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics