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Deep Peace Roll-on

Sale price$33.00

Colour Resonance: Purple

Experience A Sweet Transition to Feeling Deeply Peaceful as you Let Go.

This is the intention for our Deep Peace Synergy, inspired by an old Celtic prayer for a loved one. By supporting the release of mental chatter, while aiding the rhythm of the breath, this bioenergetic essential oil synergy can help you more easily surrender your worries and concerns.

Deep Peace is also a wonderful sleep aid. Breathe in the aromas before you rest, then emerge renewed and ready to embrace the full potential of a brand-new day.

Use it to make the most of your sundown-to-sunrise transition with this very special alchemy of essential oils that work synergistically to swoon you from the waking state to sleep bliss.

Also found to be supportive for those experiencing grief or loss to ease the difficulty of endings or overwhelming transitions.

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Deap Peace Roll-on aroma Synthesis Organics
Deep Peace Roll-on Sale price$33.00