8 yoga poses to open your heart and release negative emotions

Feeling tight and unbalanced but not entirely sure why?

Use the power of yoga to de-stress and re-embrace life! Suppressed emotions and stresses from daily life can easily build up tension without you noticing.

This can then impact all aspects of your wellbeing, as well as your relationships. If these feelings are ignored for too long, it can lead to internal conflict, negative energy and a disconnect from your sense of self. We know this is going to happen occasionally - after all, you're only human!

Yoga is the perfect tool to release tension from the body and experience the healing that comes from deeply connecting with your emotions. We found the best eight poses to open your heart and relieve tightness, create a sense of lightness and make you more susceptible to receiving love from friends and family.

To enhance these poses and open up your energy centres in an even more profound way, try diffusing Synthesis Essential Oil Synergies in your yoga space such as Love, Chakra Balance or Calm, or roll some Light Haven or Chakra Balance onto your palms, and breath in the aromas deeply before commencing.

Also, try spraying your yoga mat with Bright Space Aura Cleansing Mist or Light Haven Aura Renewing Mist.

The Fish yogaSource
Upward Facing Dog yoga pose Source
Reverse Prayer Pose yoga pose Source
High Lunge Variation yoga pose Source
Wall Handstand yoga pose Source
Side Angle Plank yoga pose Source
Open the Heart and Heal the Spine yoga pose Source
The Camel yoga pose Source