Consciously Alive with Phoebe Greenacre: Episode 24 with Theme Rains

This week on Phoebe Greenacre’s top rating Apple Podcast Consciously Alive, our founder and formulator, Theme Rains had the honour of being guest interviewed.

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EP 24: Finding Wholeness through Intuition, Instinct and Intellect

“Hello! Welcome back to another episode of Consciously Alive with Phoebe Greenacre. On this week's episode we have Theme Rains from Synthesis Organics. Theme Rains is a leader in the Australian organic beauty industry. The founder and formulator at Synthesis Organics, a boutique Certified Organic, Vegan, Carbon Positive skincare & aromatherapy company operating out of the Byron Bay hinterlands. Theme is also the Australian ambassador for the Women's Entrepreneurship Day, celebrated globally at the United Nations in a bid to bring more women into leadership roles and lift 250 million girls above the poverty line.
"In this week's episode we discuss: 
  • Aligning astrological events with business Studying a subject that gives a sense of stability then realising it’s not heart aligned
  • The many ways outside a ‘successful’ 9-5 job to make a difference in the world
  • How to overcome your fear of diving into what you really want to do, and how life force carries us in the right direction when we are brave enough to do it
  • What a shift in consciousness feels like
  • The importance of connecting to nature to ground and cleanse yourself regularly
  • Aromatherapy as a modality for healing and the best ways to use essential oils
  • The only essential oil that has the golden ratio
  • Why what we focus on magnifies, and the importance of surrendering to difficult feelings.”

Consciously Alive with Phoebe Greenacre-Episode 24 with Theme Rains