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Meet local eco-warriors who are changing the world

It was out of a desire to use beautiful organic products on her own skin that Theme Rains started her own line of products.

"I wanted to use organic skincare but found it hard to find products that contained high-quality ingredients while still being certified organics, so I started Synthesis 345 about four years ago. My involvement in Synthesis 345 springs from a deep passion for finding ways to make a positive difference to the wellbeing of humanity and the environment. These products are an expression of all that I have come to understand about existence and the sacred responsibility that I believe is our moral commitment to each other and the earth."

Theme enlisted the help of one of Australia's top cosmetic chemists and an aromatherapist, who both share her passion for the plant kingdom and biodynamic principles, to enlighten the scientific aspects of the products formulas. The result is an extensive range of body, hair and facial care products - all of which are proudly organic, fair trade, vegan and cruelty-free.

"These products are organic, not synthetic," explains Theme. "When I started out I realised that there were plenty of products that were organic but they didn't actually do anything to improve my skin. They didn't do anything to harm my skin but they didn't actually do anything. I initially did a lot of research, international research to look for plant alternative to animal products that actually work to improve our skin and hair."