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Article: Lunar Phases 2023

Lunar Phases 2023

Lunar Phases 2023

WINTER SOLSTICE | 21-22 June 2023

This week, the Southern Hemisphere ushers in the Winter Solstice and the longest night of the year. The traditional date of the Winter Solstice is the 21st of June, however, according to the ever shifting and arranging celestial elements, the height of this energy falls on the 22nd. 

The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the symbolic transition from our inner world and the world of night to welcoming the return of the sun. It still remains a time for reflection, listening, rest, and honouring the slow and steady pace of Winter. It's also about nourishing, grounding, self-care; the night, and the creative void of Earth's womb as we attune to the feminine forces of gestation. This year’s Winter Solstice falls on a Cancer moon which may increase our feelings of wanting to curl up at home, observing the waning slowness and supporting ourselves with super nourishing rituals.

Just like us, Earth’s inner life is very much alive in Winter, churning and gestating in anticipation of Spring, but on the surface, the use of energy is conserved as she slows down the production of new leaves and blooms. Because of this, there is also less moisture in the air which is why winter air feels noticeably dryer. So as the surface of the Earth and our skin are experiencing the same winter cycle complexion, it’s the perfect time to connect with the rhythm of Earth’s heartbeat and activate a new, deeply nurturing skin ritual to hydrate, replenish and nourish in anticipation of Spring. Our Evening Beauty Ritual Bundle welcomes the Light back into our lives by offering the ideal ritual to take advantage of these dwindling longer nights to help support our skin over these cooler, dryer and less active months, allowing us to benefit from the passive forces of the night and be nourished while we rest. 

Because this year’s Winter Solstice falls on a Cancer moon, we are offering a Free gift of our Deep Peace essential oil synergy with every purchase of an Evening Beauty Ritual. The vibrational qualities of Deep Peace are in harmonic resonance with the constellation of Cancer, as well as the perfect companion for Winter to elevate your ritual. 

Through June 25, simply add our Deep Peace essential oil synergy to your cart along with the Evening Beauty Ritual and use code SOLSTICE at checkout. 



As above, so below. Since Hippocratic times and before, astrology was once considered a wholly scholarly and scientific discipline. While that may have changed, we are still beings living within the Earth and it's only natural that we are affected by astrological events. And like the tides of the earth, we are deeply influenced by these lunar phases. We hope that these activations support you to tune into these cosmic events in a useful way and enter into resonance with rhythms that are very much a part of us. 

The New Moon is when the moon is at its darkest, and it’s sometimes called the dark moon. From here, it gradually crescendos in strength toward the full moon over the following weeks. The New Moon is the time for introspection and represents new beginnings as we plant seeds for the future as it is the start of the lunar cycle. Reflect on your personal goals and regain strength to begin again. It is also time for release and letting go of the past.

The Full Moon is the phase when the moon is at its peak luminescence, making her as full, round, and bright as can be. This phase represents completion, fertility, abundance, and transformation. It is a time for pensive reflection and to focus on restoring the body to its natural balance. Release your full potential and enjoy the inner power of yourself.

Each new moon phase is influenced by other cosmic forces so this page curates useful guidance on each new and full moon of the year and will thus be updated each month.

GEMINI NEW MOON | 17th June 2023

This new moon will be in the sign of the twins, Gemini. The higher aspects of Gemini are about rapid, insightful thinking, communication and change. In a world of 'either/or' Gemini is about 'both/and' and integrating many facets when it comes to perspective and action. ⁠

You may find that you have a rush of energy and inspiration around a new idea coming into play with Gemini and because we are, of course, at the new moon, this is a beautiful time to begin planting the seeds of that new idea.

There is another energy coming into play however, as Neptune will be coming into almost an exact square with the moon. Neptune can get quite illusionary and foggy, but like all things, the great planet of Poseidon has two sides, a light and a shadow. On the aspect of light or what helps us develop, Neptune offers deep spiritual insight if we are able to get grounded, still and quiet enough to listen. The shadow or challenge of Neptune can be expressed as doubt in your guidance around your Gemini/Mercury fuelled idea. This duality will be amplified by Gemini. ⁠

To lend support as you navigate through this fertile new moon, get clarity around your guidance and ground your inspiration and ideas, we have two certified organic essential oils that are in vibrational resonance with the constellation of Gemini: 

Eucalyptus brings clarity of mind, harnesses the element of air, and encourages deep breathing, clearing the airways of the body. Cedarwood comes to us as one of the great prayer, protection and grounding trees. This duo enables both earth connection and sky inspiration, the perfect pairing of energies to incorporate into your routine and diffuse throughout your home during this new moon transition. 

Full Moon in Sagittarius is preparing to draw back the arrow and shoot us in the direction of freedom, spontaneity, belief systems, truth, honesty and integrity. When the full moon hits Sagittarius you can guarantee that a light will be shone on these aspects.

With the south node of the moon still sitting in Scorpio, the sign of depth and indeed secrecy, this full moon has the potential to shake those issues to the surface. Now whilst this might be slightly uncomfortable, know that this is always for the highest and best good. Sagittarius also being Sagittarius means these transitions can be very fast moving like a wildfire.

This pace will be spurred on by Mercury moving out of its retrograde shadow and into its ruled sign of Gemini. As Gemini is the opposing/complimentary sign to Sagittarius, this axis will be highlighted within this two week moon sojourn.

This is a beautiful energy to be working with to align with Gemini in receiving what will likely be an abundance of information and facts, corralling them and sifting through them as Gemini does so well (and happy solar return to all the Geminis out there!). Sagittarius will then take its arrow and aim for the truth of this information.

This fast paced energy can become a little tricky to navigate so grounding, clearing and centring yourself is absolutely key in this full moon. We highly recommend keeping our Bright Space Aura Mist on hand as it holds botanicals that can assist in addressing all of these techniques of resilience and brings about a sense of bright, clear and integral energy. Perfect for this Sagittarius Full Moon!

TAURUS NEW MOON | 20th May 2023
Ahhhh a collective sigh of relief on this Taurus new moon coming into our experience this Sunday!⁠

It has been an energetically intense few weeks with eclipse season and Mercury retrograde and there is no better sign to ground and unwind from these epic energies than Taurus.⁠

Taurus is earthly, methodical, gentle, full of self-care and quietude. Exactly what we need to integrate the upheaval the eclipse portal opened. This is a beautiful time to take stock of all the goings on of eclipse season, to rest, regenerate. Think about the last time you had a beautiful dinner party at home, the food, the company, the comfort and how you felt when you fell into your warm and cozy bed. This is Taurus to a tee. ⁠

When we've experienced a big change it can be very easy to look to jump into action immediately after to get to the next thing. Taurus teaches us to slow down, to allow all we have learnt to settle and integrate. Yes, new moons are a time for manifestation but what if the manifestation is simply having the intention to engage in more homeliness, more self-care, more measured and slower decisions, more comfort? ⁠

One way to engage in this is to take a normal, every day activity and turn it into a luxurious self-care ritual. We highly recommend our new Evening Beauty Ritual Bundle to indulge in leveling up your self-care and showing yourself the love on this beautiful Taurus new moon!

SCORPIO FULL MOON | 5th May 2023
Well as far as celestial events go, this weekend will see a huge potential energy arise for transformation. ⁠We have the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse occurring here in the Southern Hemisphere on Sunday the 6th. Scorpio is all about our inner depths. Transformation, endings, new beginnings are always in focus when we are working with the energy of the Scorpion. The same can be said for lunar eclipses. ⁠

This year however, another ending/new beginning force joins the party at the exact time of the Eclipse. The celestial time and day for Samhain (what is known as the holiday of Halloween in the northern hemisphere) will peak right in the middle of this particularly long eclipse. Now this can get a little tricky to wrap our heads around as Halloween falls in October in the northern hemisphere. ⁠

As we are in the lower part of the globe, this energy and observance of seasons is flipped. Samhain is in itself a massive transformational moment in our year. The veil to the energetic world is thin, we may be able to connect with guides and ancestors more easily at this time and it is known by many as the new year in the ancient observance of the wheel of the year, a map of the seasonal passage of time. ⁠

This coming weekend is a beautiful time to go inward to your own personal depths. What needs to be transformed to allow in the new? What emotions need to be allowed to flow? What have we hidden from ourselves? ⁠

Things can get a little murky and challenging to move through with Scorpio so to counter balance this, working with our beautiful aura mists of Light Haven and Bright Space can help immensely to clear out any challenging emotion or energy and are a perfect salve for this celestial set-up of growth. ⁠

Blessed Samhain and lunar eclipse!  

ARIES NEW MOON | 20th April 2023
And here we are! at the culmination of the double Aries new Moon container, and the beginning of eclipse season no less!⁠

Cast your mind back over this past month. It's likely you have felt and experienced a series of endings and new beginnings, especially around the way you relate with that epic Libran full Moon landing smack bang in the middle of two Aries new Moons. ⁠

Aries carries the archetype of the warrior and also of all things new as it is the first sign of the astrological wheel. It also embodies fire, action, and motivation. This double Aries new Moon is special enough in itself but we also have the added rarity of a hybrid Solar/Annular eclipse joining in the mix. Eclipses are the great revealers of the astrological world and can turn your life on a dime with revelation and change. As this eclipse will press itself in the final degree of Aries we can look at this energy as a big ending and the new moon itself carries a new beginning energy. ⁠

Aries gives us the courage we need to dive into a new beginning with faith and trust. This can especially be true around relations of all kinds due to the processing that would have likely occurred in the past month's astrological landscape. This eclipse can shine a light on where you may still be holding on to patterns that are now outdated and no longer serving us giving us all but no choice to finally put to bed unsupportive behavioural patterning and circumstance. Think situationships, unrequited love, challenging relations in all arenas that are not supporting your progression and balance. ⁠

Because this is big energy that can be quite emotional, and Aries being such a fiery powerhouse, to soothe our emotions and give us the heart courage we need, we highly recommend working with our 'Love' essential oil synergy and roll-on. This beautiful combination of oils helps us to self-care and self-love to the point where we can let go of anything that is no longer in our highest and best good.

LIBRA FULL MOON | 6th April 2023
What a stunning full Moon tomorrow’s celestial event will be. Positioned between the astral new year Aries new Moon and the second Aries new Moon on the 20th of April (which is also the beginning of eclipse season!) we are at the midpoint of an incredibly powerful container of Lunar energy.

And what better balancing midpoint to be in than Libra? This Libra full Moon will be urging us to balance. Balance our energy between the ‘new beginnings’ Aries new Moon bookends, balance our relationships, particularly romantic connections, and to let go of any challenging patterns that pertain to those relationships.

Put it this way, you may have gotten the nudge back on the 22nd of last month at the first Aries full Moon (the new lunar year) to let go of patterning and shift the way you move through relating. So, you planted the seeds, over the past few weeks there could have been times where tenderness came up around those themes. This full Moon is where we balance those out and release them in preparation for the closing of the container, the Aries new Moon eclipse.

In the following days we also have a very rare event called a Cazimi. Cazimi means ‘In the heart of the Sun’. This Sun heart energy illuminates and amplifies a specific planet energy, this time it’s Jupiter’s turn. Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune, synchronicity, alignment and providence. When we have such a powerful container of new beginnings, balanced out by a beautiful focus on relationships and letting go, fuelled by amplified alignment of the Sun heart beaming on Jupiter, we have the perfectly magical set-up to create new stories around how we connect.

To match the Lunar illumination and the heart of the Sun energy, work with our Light Haven Aura Mist, Roll-on or Essential Oil Synergy. This beautiful blend of oils can illuminate your energy field allowing you to cleanse, rise and shine from your own heart.

ARIES NEW MOON | 21st March 2023
What a jam packed time in astrology and the natural cycles of nature it is this week!⁠

Tomorrow morning will see the Autumn Equinox portal opening in the Southern Hemisphere (It will be the Spring Equinox for those of you in the North). The Equinox is our last hurrah of the harvest times as we cast our minds back to the joys of Summer (or the reflection of winter in the North) and focus on the march inward to Winter. ⁠

The following day we have the astrological new year. The Aries new moon will fall at exactly zero degrees. So, what does this all indicate for us? ⁠

This week can be signalling a huge ending. A closing off of a chapter in your life. However, with all endings, come new beginnings and nothing could be more true for this week. ⁠

When we are faced with endings it can be easy for us to want to hold on to the outdated through fear or sentiment. If this is you right now, take a deep breath, surrender. Surrender all your worries. Surrender all the fear. Surrender all that is no longer in your highest good. Notice the deciduous trees around you. They do not grasp and panic when their leaves begin to fall at this time of the year. Close your eyes, allow each aspect that no longer serves you to fall away like autumn leaves that will provide the rich soil of your beautiful tree with nutrients in the cast off aspects dissolving which will allow for new growth. ⁠

This is a beautiful time to work with out Release + Essential Oil Roll-on. Allow its beautiful synergy to envelope you and bring in the fresh energy of this turn of the wheel in your life.

VIRGO FULL MOON | 7th March 2023
Interestingly, this is the sixth in a row of seven full moons that are falling at 16 degrees of their astrological station. Now, as you may or may not know, these degrees can be aligned with another wonderful tool of the Tarot. The 16th card in Tarot is the tower card. The tower card represents great change and possible upheaval so if you've been moving through some big life changing events the past six months, this could have something to do with those deep transformations. ⁠
Virgo is very much associated with order and purification. You may find during this moon that you wish to cleanse and clear your space of the debris from the changes that have been occurring through the last six months of tower moments. Also being mindful of what needs to be let go of. We will also have five planets in mutable signs, mutable means malleable, changeable, adaptable which is very helpful when we are going through intense change and perhaps needing to reorder and let go. ⁠
Virgo is also the great alchemist of Earth. This is associated with essential oils, herbs, crystals, nutritious food, all the medicines of the Earth. A perfect way to move through this re-ordering and cleansing energy is to clean and clear your physical, mental and emotional spaces. Working with our Light Haven Aura Mist or our Bright Space Aura Mist can help you to cleanse and purify all of these spaces, bringing in energetic balance and clarity in the immense changes we've all been experiencing and bring us to be grounded and 'back to Earth' with the divine and pure Earth energy of this stunning Virgo full moon. ⁠

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