Lunar Phases 2023

We all, like the tides of the earth, are deeply influenced by the lunar phases.

The New Moon is when the moon is at its darkest, and it’s sometimes called the dark moon. From here, it gradually crescendos in strength toward the full moon over the following weeks. The New Moon is the time for introspection and represents new beginnings as we plant seeds for the future as it is the start of the lunar cycle. Reflect on your personal goals and regain strength to begin again. It is also time for release and letting go of the past.

The Full Moon is the phase when the moon is at its peak luminescence, making her as full, round, and bright as can be. This phase represents completion, fertility, abundance, and transformation. It is a time for pensive reflection and to focus on restoring the body to its natural balance. Release your full potential and enjoy the inner power of yourself.

Each new moon phase is influenced by other cosmic forces so this page curates useful guidance on each new and full moon of the year and will thus be updated each month. 

ARIES NEW MOON | 21st March 2023
What a jam packed time in astrology and the natural cycles of nature it is this week!⁠

Tomorrow morning will see the Autumn Equinox portal opening in the Southern Hemisphere (It will be the Spring Equinox for those of you in the North). The Equinox is our last hurrah of the harvest times as we cast our minds back to the joys of Summer (or the reflection of winter in the North) and focus on the march inward to Winter. ⁠

The following day we have the astrological new year. The Aries new moon will fall at exactly zero degrees. So, what does this all indicate for us? ⁠

This week can be signalling a huge ending. A closing off of a chapter in your life. However, with all endings, come new beginnings and nothing could be more true for this week. ⁠

When we are faced with endings it can be easy for us to want to hold on to the outdated through fear or sentiment. If this is you right now, take a deep breath, surrender. Surrender all your worries. Surrender all the fear. Surrender all that is no longer in your highest good. Notice the deciduous trees around you. They do not grasp and panic when their leaves begin to fall at this time of the year. Close your eyes, allow each aspect that no longer serves you to fall away like autumn leaves that will provide the rich soil of your beautiful tree with nutrients in the cast off aspects dissolving which will allow for new growth. ⁠

This is a beautiful time to work with out Release + Essential Oil Roll-on. Allow its beautiful synergy to envelope you and bring in the fresh energy of this turn of the wheel in your life.

VIRGO FULL MOON | 7th March 2023
Interestingly, this is the sixth in a row of seven full moons that are falling at 16 degrees of their astrological station. Now, as you may or may not know, these degrees can be aligned with another wonderful tool of the Tarot. The 16th card in Tarot is the tower card. The tower card represents great change and possible upheaval so if you've been moving through some big life changing events the past six months, this could have something to do with those deep transformations. ⁠
Virgo is very much associated with order and purification. You may find during this moon that you wish to cleanse and clear your space of the debris from the changes that have been occurring through the last six months of tower moments. Also being mindful of what needs to be let go of. We will also have five planets in mutable signs, mutable means malleable, changeable, adaptable which is very helpful when we are going through intense change and perhaps needing to reorder and let go. ⁠
Virgo is also the great alchemist of Earth. This is associated with essential oils, herbs, crystals, nutritious food, all the medicines of the Earth. A perfect way to move through this re-ordering and cleansing energy is to clean and clear your physical, mental and emotional spaces. Working with our Light Haven Aura Mist or our Bright Space Aura Mist can help you to cleanse and purify all of these spaces, bringing in energetic balance and clarity in the immense changes we've all been experiencing and bring us to be grounded and 'back to Earth' with the divine and pure Earth energy of this stunning Virgo full moon. ⁠

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