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Article: Microbeads: why these small balls are causing a big problem

Microbeads: why these small balls are causing a big problem

Microbeads: why these small balls are causing a big problem

Microbeads shot to popularity in the early 2000's with their super exfoliating power, and became a staple in most of our beauty products. What we didn't realise is the huge affect these tiny plastic balls were having on our environment.

Microbeads. Until recently, they were heralded as a super-ingredient; but soon became the villain after a US high court decision to ban them from all American-sold products propelled them into the media. Australia sat up and took notice. The facts were devastating: somewhere between 5,000 to 95,000 microbeads are released into the environment with every single use of personal care products. In one small area of Sydney Harbour, more plastic from microbeads were found that was contained in an entire plastics factory in Sweden. microbeads  

Why are they dangerous? At just 1mm wide, the microbeads contained in products like face scrubs and toothpastes slide through our household plumbing and into the sewerage system. From there, they travel into our ocean and cause catastrophic damage on the environment. "The problem with microplastics is that once they are in the waterway and in the sediments, we can't get them out," says University of New South Wales' Professor Emma Johnston. "There is no way of filtering all the sediments of every harbour in Australia to remove those plastics." 

Non-natural, despite what they say. The exfoliating ingredients listed on the products often were listed as organic products, such as apricot kernals, salt, or ground nut shells. In reality, these products were using plastic microbeads. The amount of plastic being released into the environment is huge, and unable to be captured due to its small size. microbeads2Banned! Follow the US court decision to ban microbeads, Aussie supermarkets Coles and Woolworths followed suit, pulling all products containing the beads from their shelves. However, there around still thousands of products in Aussie stores that contain plastic microbeads. do I exfoliate? Whilst microbeads are causing an environmental emergency, we can assure that exfoliating is not! Making sure you remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin - especially your face - will prevent clogged pores and blemishes. Synthesis offers a fully organic exfoliating product that we promise contains NO plastics, and is 100% SAFE for the environment.


Purify Dry Exfoliant. Luckily for you (and the environment) Synthesis Organics have an amazing active dry exfoliant, designed to be used for face and body, called the Purify Dry Exfoliant. A dry combination mixture, all you need to do is sprinkle out a pinch, combine it with either our Enzyme Cleanser or Cleansing Oil - and voila! You have a microbeads-free exfoliator.

It's delicious. This contains purifying, healing and detoxifying anti-bacterial properties help treat and prevent acne, congestion and devitalised skin. It boasts a rich array of super nutrients from our ocean and earth to activate skin cell regenerating properties that defy ageing and nurture a healthy glowing and youthful complexion. LIKE A MERMAID.

Cheat sheet on why you should use it:

  1. Improves skin tone and lightening of the complexion while helping your skin maintain its firmness and hydration.
  2. Suitable for most skin types especially combination, normal and oily.
  3. Removes dead skin cells and freshens complexion.
  4. All natural incredients: bamboo, grapeseed and rapadura sugar.
  5. It's an active formula, meaning the Glycolic Acid formed by rapadura sugar dissolving in Tisane aids chemical exfoliation.
  6. Reduces toxicity in the skin
  7. Exfoliates to reveal fresh new skin.
  8. Aromatherapy benefit: balancing hormonal levels when combined with Purify Enzyme Cleanser
So now that microbeads are off the market, fear not: all natural exfoliating products are not impossible.

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