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Article: The Body is Your Temple - Full Day Sydney Workshop

The Body is Your Temple - Full Day Sydney Workshop

We had a lovely evening gathering and full rejuvenation day - Sydney Workshop! 
Thank you to everyone for coming!
Here are some photos:
making raw power balls
making raw power balls
facial mask treats
facial mask treat
ready for evening gathering
ready for an evening gathering


Your Body is your Temple: a day to rejuvenate your body, enliven your spirit and nourish your heart. 

A day just for you - hours of healthy, fun, creative, luxurious and restoring activities, designed to nurture beauty and spirit. Reconnect with simple ways to maintain your brightness in daily life.

Surrender into the eternity of the Present Moment: Beginning with a Present Moment Meditation, pranayama yoga breathing exercises and Tisane (herbal tea) Ceremony to help you release your day and relax into being fully available to make the most of your weekend.

Get your energy flowing & restore balance: Our next exercise combines yoga and stretching to enliven your body, opening up all the circuits. In learning this routine, you will be able to repeat this sequence at any point through your day to restore yourself. This routine is a useful tool to learn and use for the rest of your life.

Auric Cleansing: learn why it is so important to detox psychically, as well as physically. You will also be given simple daily practices to help you maintain your Aura and your natural state of being: relaxed, balanced and full of energy.

Raw super food: by feeding our body the nutrients it needs to function at its best we can have all the vital energy we need and stay in optimum health. For lunch we will make and enjoy a raw green power smoothie, complete with super foods and delicious healthy ingredients a meal unto itself.

By replacing one of your daily meals with one of these smoothies you can supercharge your nutritional intake, loose excess weight and gain sustained energy. Learn how to make raw energy protein balls.

These nutrient rich and tasty treats are the ideal replacement for that mid afternoon energy slump that can see us reaching for an unhealthy unbalancing snack.

Rich in protein and essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and also delicious tasting, this recipe will be sure to delight you and your family when you recreate them at home. We'll enjoy these with delicious organic drinks during our afternoon break.

Nurturing your true Beauty, a daily meditation of self-care: Immerse your skin and senses in the full spa 8 step self-care facial using the newly released Signature Synthesis Organic collection and professional only products.

Aromatherapy, create your own blend: stimulate your senses and creativity as you combine your intuitive choice of certified organic oils into a personalised massage blend to take home and enjoy for days to come.

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