The Current of Synthesis Gains Momentum - ROLL CAMERAS!

synthesis-interview-nicky-pastor-theme-rains Following our collaboration with Sentient World Entertainment for the Dr. Melanie Joy tour our new friends took it upon themselves to support us in creating an official Synthesis mini-film this month!

The team from SWE and Flicker Films travelled up to stay with us and so all was shot on location in the Northern Rivers of Australia where many of our raw ingredients are organically farmed and our products manufactured.

We went from location to location in order to capture the entire process and true essence of what Synthesis is all about. The video shoot was an amazing success. Thank you to all the residents and local businesses in Tyalgum that were a part of making this shoot such a success.

A special thanks go to the Tyalgum Wellbeing Centre, Flutterbies Cafe and The Garden Of Light. Our video is now in the final stages of post-production and will be launched very soon! Keep a look out for the exciting premier announcement!