The Spring Equinox

Throughout the year, in many traditions all over the world there are several days known as ‘High Holy Days’ (where the term ‘holiday’ comes from!). There are four major High Holy Days. Two Solstices (Winter and Summer) and two Equinoxes (Autumn and Spring). You can imagine it like a wheel of cyclical time as depicted in the image below.

High Holy Days have been worked with since before the beginning of time, in fact, it was how we once worked with and recorded time. Once upon a time we lived so closely with the land that we knew the best time to plant, harvest, hibernate and rest by observing nature, the sun, the stars, the migrations of birds and animals. These days were, and still are, collectively known as turning of the wheel.

Spring Equinox is one of our favorite days of the year here at Synthesis. We’re halfway between the cocooning of Winter and the high-flying joy of Summer and there is so much promise in the air.

At the Spring Equinox we honour the East and the element of Air and the freshness and mental clarity they both bring. It is the day of fresh beginnings, planting seeds, of flowers and baby animals and sweet smelling breezes passing through the flowers. The Spring Equinox is the maiden, the innocence and blossoming. She is renewal and fertility bringing the promise of birth, from human children, animal babies, newly sprouted plants right through to artistic expression and creation in all its forms.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere in this gateway (the 22nd-23rd September), spend some time creating, planting seeds and inviting in the life force of pure expression. This energy is very similar to ‘New Moon’ energy, but hugely amplified, so rituals like spring cleaning to renew your space, setting intentions, planting seeds both literally and figuratively, working with flowery essential oils, self care rituals and engaging in anything that brings promise and joy are beautiful ways to bring in this energy of the ‘new’ into your sphere and create a fresh flow of energy!

Synthesis Organics Renewal Ritual:

One beautiful way to create renewal in our lives is with an intentional skin renewing ritual! We have put together the perfect combination of products in our Renewal Ritual bundle.

Tools: Renewal Ritual Bundle, Small Bowl

Step one: Set up your space with soft, gentle, but uplifting music. Candles are a lovely addition or in a pinch, soft lighting.

Step two: Set an intention for what you wish to let go of to create room for the newness of Spring bring in. Feel your intention deeply. What would it feel like? See if you can tap into the joy of that.

Step three: Create a paste:1tsp dry All 4 One Exfoliant and Mask + 1tsp Renew Enzyme Cleanser in your bowl. Apply to clean skin with slow, intentional circular movements. Leave for 5 minutes or until almost dry. Meditate on your intention through that time. Really feel the shedding of that which no longer serves you and inviting in what is in your highest good.
Step four: Moisten finger tips and repeat circular movements. Remove with face cloth, feeling the letting go of the old and revealing the newly birthed version of you!

Step five: Apply your favourite Synthesis mist, serum and moisturiser to complete. Bring your hands to your heart. Giving thanks to all the plants within the products that have assisted you in this beautiful renewal ritual.

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