What's the #1 ingredient most likely to cause an allergic reaction?


A recent study found that more than a third of people had at least one allergic reaction to cosmetic ingredients. These problems can range from simple rashes to full-blown allergic reactions. Symptoms can start right after you use something new - or after years of using a product with no problems. The foremost cause of allergic reactions in skincare is synthetic fragrances. 

Listed as fragrance parfum or perfume on the back of the packaging, they can wreak serious havoc with your skin. Products that seem to have no scent can still contain fragrances, used to cover up the smells of chemicals - so always check the packaging! Synthesis Organics has (and always will) use NO synthetic fragrances - the beautiful aroma of our products is from certified organic herbs, flowers, and essential oils only. 

You can be assured that all our products are chemical-free, making them perfect for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. If you are unsure if your skin will react to your skincare, use this test before you begin: If you have extremely sensitive and allergic skin, patch test. Use a small amount of product on your skin, and watch for reactions. 

You know your skin best, but it is usually worth waiting at least a couple of hours. If no reactions appear you should be okay to continue, but keep in mind the ingredients used - if synthetics or chemicals are present, there is still a risk a reaction will appear later on. If you are worried about break-outs / clogging pores, the cheek (close to the nose) or chin area is a good place to test. There are a higher amount of oil glands and pores in these areas so the product can penetrate deep into the pore lining. 

If a product is going to cause breakouts, it's most often not going to happen after just one use so you may want to consider testing a small area for 7-10 days if you really want to be cautious. If all tests well, you can proceed to use your products on the entire face. If you have any questions about the ingredients we use or our production methods, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We are more than happy to work with you to make sure your skin stays healthy and glowing.