Your solutions to rehydrate your skin... naturally!

hydrate skinAs the hot summer days are winding down, it's time to start focusing on hydration! Rehydrating the skin can be critical to ensuring an even tone, a firm and glowing complexion as well as clear skin. The answer to rehydration isn't to just use a heavier, creamier moisturiser, rather use a cream that actively promotes water-boosting properties. 

Hyaluronic Acid is the star of our Hydrate Tonic. Unlike most Hyaluronic Acid which is either synthetic or from animals, Synthesis uses a Vegan and natural source - derived from algae or this highly effective moisturising ingredient that rehydrates and boosts the skin's moisture content and prevents moisture loss.  It is also a very effective carrier of other skin benefit ingredients, promoting absorption of nutrients into the skin, strengthening the skin, and supporting the regeneration and growth of new skin cells.

This culminates in the Hyaluronic Acid being able to hold over 1000 times its weight in moisture, so it's sure to save your skin no matter how dehydrated it gets! We never get tired of saying that beauty starts on the inside and it applies here too! 

Drink plenty of water and eat water-dense foods such as celery, watermelon, berries and cucumbers throughout the day. It is also incredibly important to exfoliate regularly. Leaving dead skin cells on the surface not only makes your skin look dull, but acts as a barrier to any product you try to use. No matter how hydrating your moisturiser is, if it can't make it past the dead cells you won't be receiving the benefits. 

Our Purify Dry Exfoliant uses bamboo, grapeseed, and rapadura sugar to leave your skin fresh and glowing, while a rich array of supernutrients from the ocean and earth activate skin regeneration.