As we move through this incredibly transformational time, now more than ever the call back to ritual, daily practice, establishing an organic, self sufficient lifestyle, moving with the organic cycles of the Earth and nurturing ourselves in the arms of Nature is becoming the divine refuge it once was as a part of our everyday lives.

The Synthesis Heart Space has been created to offer this space of intentional education, to support, awaken, nurture and reconnect back to our organic way of being through workshops, community gatherings and treatments.

From the 30th of May we will be introducing workshops spanning diverse practices; how to create alchemical hand-made tools and medicines and learning ways of reestablishing this connection to our Earth; to the emotional and energetic realities that flow through us; and in turn, learning to nurture the mind, body and spirit. These will be held in powerful portals of lunar and astrological transits to usher in greater change, insight and healing. 

One of our primary points of focus here at the Synthesis Heart Space is to encourage community, to gather, learn and support each other.  

This is a menu of the workshops we currently offer each month @Heart Space

Facial Meditation Journey: $65

This beautiful session will help you to bring self-care and the ritual into your days. So much of our lives are rushing from pillar to post that we forget to bring the art of mindfulness and self nurturing into our sphere. With this workshop you will be guided through an experience of slowing down, instruction on meditative application as well as invaluable information on suitable skincare matches for your skin-type.  Experience our award winning products as a full self care facial experience, in a lush and calming space.  

Bioenergetic Scent Journey: $45

Create your own intentional healing perfume. 

Allow yourself to be guided on a Bioenergetic Scent Journey to activate your "scentual" intelligence and restore inner harmony. Synthesis Organics’ Bioenergetic Scent Journeys are designed to elevate your intuition and natural healing capacity through the "scentual," transformative powers of aromatherapy and body awareness. Following a meditative practice to help you drop into a deep state of reflection, embark on an aromatic process that teaches you how to listen to your body’s innate intelligence, culminating in the creation of your own personalised, intentional perfume synergy. You’ll take home your personal Roll-on, made from Certified Organic, Energy Imbued® essential oils and perfectly attuned to you. Receive instruction on how to apply your special blend to key acupressure points to evoke overall wellbeing and support your manifestation of the intentions you set for yourself through the workshop.

New Moon Women’s Circle Ceremony: $33

For many thousands of years women have gathered with the Moon. In this gathering of women we honour the energy of the new moon as a creation point, a time to go inward, to nurture, to share with our sisters, create beautiful bonds and to be in the mystery and the magic of the feminine. If you have been feeling particularly burnt out with all that has been happening within the world at large and within your own experience, this is a beautiful time to drop into sacred space with your fellow sisters and be held and nurtured. We will be working with the astrological energies of each new moon to bring about a greater sense of connection, peace and self enquiry. 
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