Sweet Dreams Ritual

Wind down from the day, soothing tension and stresses - We wish you sweet dreams.

This Ritual includes:

50g Soothe Tisane

5ml Deep Peace Essential Oil Synergy

Organic Lavender and Hemp Eye Pillow

A Sweet Dreams Ritual PDF (an email will be sent with a download link).

Tip: Ensure you use a loving touch to apply the Synthesis products. Breathe deeply throughout, absorbing the restoring aromatherapy and Energy Imbuement benefits of your products, and bringing balance to your whole being.

Step 1 – Tisane (Herbal Tea)

Sip on a soothing blend of organic herbs as you wind down from the day.

Step 2 – Essential Oil Synergy

Apply a few drops of Relax Essential Oil Synergy to your diffuser or directly onto your bedding, lay back, close your eyes and breathe in the aroma.

Step 3 –Eye Pillow

Cover your eyes with the Synthesis energy imbued Organic Lavender Eye Pillow as you drift off to sleep or into a deep meditation.

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