Bathing Ritual

Treat yourself to a ritual of ultimate relaxation and renewal and feel the stress and tensions melt away. Nurture and embrace your skin and soul with the purest, highest vibrational natural ingredients.


Tip: Ensure you use a loving touch to apply the Synthesis products. Breathe deeply throughout, absorbing the restoring aromatherapy and Energy Imbued® benefits of your products, and bringing balance to your whole being.


Apply Zeolite Detox Face Mask to deeply cleanse, nourish and revitalise the skin.


Step 2 – BATH SOAK

Slip into a warm bath infused with the renewing properties of Ocean Glow Salts with Australian Sea Salt and Kelp, as well as a tablespoon of the Relax Body Oil with aromas to calm your senses, restore your inner peace and renew you.

Step 3 – MASSAGE

After 20 mins of soaking in your bath, remove your mask, step out and dry yourself before smoothing Relax Body Oil all over your body leaving it smooth, scented, and hydrated.
Tip: When you follow our step by step self-care massage techniques you will also receive a multitude of benefits.

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