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Article: Synthesis Organics founder Theme Rains up for six awards at AusMumprenuer awards

Synthesis Organics founder Theme Rains up for six awards at AusMumprenuer awards

Synthesis Organics founder Theme Rains up for six awards at AusMumprenuer awards


The founder of a holistic wellbeing company has been named as a finalist in awards designed to highlight mums in business who are achieving outstanding success.

Raising a child is no easy feat, but running a business on top of being a mum is a whole other challenge.

This challenge is recognised by The Woman's Business School, who host the AusMumpreneur Awards to celebrate Australian mums in business achieving outstanding success in areas such as business excellence, product development, customer service and digital innovation.

Casuarina woman and founder of holistic wellbeing company Synthesis Organics, Theme Rains, has been named a finalist in the awards.

Ms. Rains has been named a finalist in six categories Regional Business Award, Sustainable Product Award, Hair and Beauty Business Award, Health and Wellbeing Business Award and Handmade Business Award and Sustainability Award.



Having experienced a deeply felt sense of disconnect earlier in life, Ms. Rains said she understood how much harder it was to shine at your full potential and embody a lightness of being when you were not aligned with your true values.

She then founded Synthesis Organics in 2015, from an intention to create wellness products of unparalleled purity that could serve as a holistic healing influence that restores us to harmony with nature and our own true essence.

The business sells skin care, hair and body products and aromatherapy products among other items.

The award nominations come after losing a primary business partner for a period of time due to Covid-19, which was her household's primary source of income, just before giving birth to her son Ziggy.

Alongside her business, Ms. Rains also volunteers her time for the International Women's Entrepreneurship Day Organisation, a grassroots organisation celebrated at the United Nations dedicated to empowering, celebrating and supporting women in business worldwide.

There are many benefits to balancing business and motherhood she explained.

"It's a profound gift being able to be a mumpreneur; I'm able to be there for my bub almost all the time and by building a business in alignment with my values, I know that I'm being a great role model for my son as he grows up," she said.

Her advice for other mums wanting to go into business was to make sure the business aligned with your core values.

"You will spend more time on it than you probably ever imagined," she said.

"Also, surround yourself with a community of mentors and like-minded business owners who have done something similar successfully, who can keep you inspired and support you during periods of doubt or loneliness, which almost every solo business owner will experience at some point."

The winners of the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards will be announced at an online event in September.

People can support Synthesis Organics by heading to its website


The Daily Telegraph | Liana Walker


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