The Sydney Morning Herald — Australian Potions for Far-off Climes


The Sydney Morning HeraldThe Sydney Morning Herald
Next time you thump down on a runway somewhere, ready for the adventure ahead, make sure your face is as ready as the rest of you is.
Just near Byron Bay (of course), Synthesis, a small company run by Theme Rains, is blending up some of the exquisite organic face products around.
Synthesis Travel Collection features seven tiny bottles of magic potions, deisgned to support faces in canging climes and time zones.
Rains suggested a pre-flight routine of applying the Enzyme Cleanser, then Hydrate Tonic, followed by a thick layer of the Brighten Vit C Serum to wear as a hydrating mask. Next, add a rich layer of Replenish Eye Cream. For me, it's the blast of the luxurious Australian scents come shower time on day four or five that really brinsd you home.
Australian Potions for Far-off Climes