Producers Market Online Platform and Synthesis Organics

Producers Market online platform DISRUPTING THE SYSTEM: Producers Market wants Tasmanian farmers to join producers from around the world to use its global marketing platform. Picture: Shutterstock

Traceability is one of the latest buzzwords when it comes to agriculture, with consumers not only wanting to track where their food comes from, but also where it has been before it ends up in their mouth. New business Producers Market plans to provide this level of traceability through a digital platform that decentralises the agricultural value chain.

Producers Market will help producers market their products to wholesale buyers around the world. Co-founder and executive director Keith Agoada said Producers Market would allow farmers to get more profit for their crops by cutting out the middleman, while helping consumers track the produce. Consumers demand insight into how the product gets from the farm to the home. 

The idea for the producer's platform came through Mr Agoada's years of working in agriculture and distribution. We created Producers Market to empower farmers, producers, processors and packagers both domestically and globally, he said. Connectivity is very important in our industry.

Consumers demand insight into how the product gets from the farm to the home. The platform is already in beta testing with 20 producers, including northern NSW organics business Synthesis Organics.

"We're very excited about our partnership with Synthesis. We feel that telling their story will be a great step for our platform", he said. Once the testing phase is finalised within four to six months, Mr Agoada wants to build Producers Market to 100 and he wants Tasmanian producers on board.

Producers Market online platform wants Tasmanian farmers | Johanna Baker-Dowdell