The Fitness Foot Fiend – Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness Calendar Launch

Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness Calendar Launch Images

The morning started with a delicious spread of raw treats, fresh fruit, and tea in the royal Moroccan tent (perfect for private functions I might add), followed by an outdoor vinyasa flow yoga class run by Sonja from Honestly Yoga. Practising yoga always seems to make me feel calm and composed, while also helping to stretch out all the tight muscles in my body. I felt nostalgic going through some of the poses, as it brought me back to a time of practising Bikram yoga almost daily. It was definitely something that my body was yearning for. 

Once yoga was completed, we sat down to a chat from Theme (founder of Synthesis: Organic skin products). The peninsula springs use her products for their facial treatments, which are all organic, vegan, and natural. I was super excited to see how these products would feel on my face (with the facial treatment we would be getting later that day), because I have pretty sensitive skin, and I've had some products react in the past. But before we could jump straight into facials it was lunch time! 

Lunch was an amazing assortment of share plates consisting of sourdough toast with dairy-free dips, thai beef noodle salad, lemon and thyme rubbed pork fillet, with a caramelised parsnip puree and a rocket, pear and fennel salad, as well as skinned king salmon with a green pea and lemon risotto topped with baked cherry tomatoes. All were drool worthy and absolutely delicious, but if you're going to try one, I'd recommend the king salmon risotto. Crispy salmon on a creamy bed of rice that's gluten-free, seriously what more could you want? 

A global bathing tour was next on the agenda. Sally and Jamila were our global bathing guides who took us from light meditation in the family pool, to a reflexology walk along cobblestones, and finishing off with a Morrocan bath also known as "Hamam bathing". Hamam bathing is all about cleansing, detoxification (purifying) and relaxation, which is generally practiced with others. It was definitely a new experience scrubbing the back of Amy's body with black soap. Let's just say we took our friendship to another level, but despite the slight awkwardness, I would definitely do it again because I had never felt so squeaky clean.

Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness Calendar Launch | Sandie Barling, Thefitnessfootfiend