Peninsula Hot Springs – New Spa Product Range from Synthesis Organics



We are proud to introduce our new spa product range from Synthesis Organics. Synthesis Organics is a luxurious Australian certified organic bioactive skincare and aromatherapy collection, with a commitment to restoring the heart and spirit of modern beauty. 

Synthesis Organics aim is to nurture and protect your skin without compromising your health or the environment. Synthesis is a Certified Organic, Vegan, Australian made, skincare and offers holistic treatments for youthful radiance. Energy imbued to nurture beauty and spirit. Our Synthesis Organic bio-active facial nourishes and restores your complexion and wellbeing with pure organic botanicals and minerals, carefully formulated for each skin's unique needs. 

Founder and director of Synthesis, Theme Rains, began a healing journey almost 2 decades ago to find peace and the elusive secret to better health. Along the way, she threw herself into the study of aromatherapy, herbalism, energy healing and natural medicine. From this, her passion for conscious care of body and earth grew and Synthesis was born.

Through the vehicle of skincare and spa treatments, her inspiration was to help improve the lives of others by sharing the Synthesis of healing influences that have uplifted her life. "All of our products have been crafted with the mission to create a life-positive experience and sensual ritual, while catering to your daily skincare needs." Theme Rains explained.

New Spa Product Range from Synthesis Organics  | Peninsula Hot Springs