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Article: October in Sydney - Beauty and Spirit Facial Rejuvenation Workshop

October in Sydney - Beauty and Spirit Facial Rejuvenation Workshop

October in Sydney - Beauty and Spirit Facial Rejuvenation Workshop

Like a yoga class for your face - igniting your inner glow

A wonderful way to spend a few hours, replenishing your natural radiance‚ just like the effect of a yoga class getting the energy flowing to restore, heal and glow. plus our parties also include being immersed in enchanting organic essential oil aromas while your skin is infused with bioactive superfoods.

You'll also enjoy organic refreshments in the form of chocolate treats from Love Yourself Raw and Synthesis organic tisanes. In an inspiring group setting, we share empowering information on natural beauty and wellbeing, then immerse ourselves in certified organic energy imbued products and traditional beauty rituals.

Your skin is infused with layer upon layer of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with the full 6 step facial meditation using the professional strength Synthesis skincare products. You'll learn how to give yourself an Indian facial massage, with some natural facelift acupressure and facial yoga, exercises you can use for the rest of your life to restore balance and nurture your true beauty. (something you can then also share with your loved ones.) Benefits include:

  • Smooth away signs of stress and premature ageing
  • Brighten and decongest the area around the eyes
  • Calm and centre the being
  • Connect with your heart and essence to let your true beauty shine

Join one of our scheduled events, or gather a group and we'll create one for you.

Next Scheduled Workshops

Thursday October 15th at Bellevue Hill 7pm - 9pm

Tuesday, October 27 at Asthete Salon 99 O'Brien St Bondi 7pm - 9pm

INVESTMENT $25 - Bookings essential.

Email now to secure your place.

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