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Article: Our Head in the Clouds with the Synthesis Organics 2016 Product Launch

Our Head in the Clouds with the Synthesis Organics 2016 Product Launch

Our Head in the Clouds with the Synthesis Organics 2016 Product Launch

This time last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming some of Australia's finest beauty editors, bloggers, and wellness writers to the 2016 product launch for Synthesis Organics and our baby range First Light Organics.

The product launch was a celebration of the #FeelGoodFactor inherent in the Synthesis skincare and aromatherapy range, and our official media launch to the Australian market.

IMG_0008 Synthesis has always done things a little differently.... and this morning was no exception. Rather than lots of talking, the launch was to be about inviting the guests into a calm, beautiful space in which they could experience the #FeelGoodFactor of Synthesis for themselves. Synthesis Organics Our happy guests hangin' out, upside down! A 'feel good' morning with Synthesis. The 'feel good factor' was immediately obvious as soon as you stepped into the room. The chosen location was the breathtaking Altitude Bar in Sydney's Shangri-La, which boasts the most unbelievable sweeping views across Sydney Harbour.

Synthesis Organics product launch

Not a bad view for morning yoga, right?[/caption] With the harbour twinkling that impossible blue as the guests arrived, the sunlit room was set up with sustainable LovEarth Yoga Mats, which are PVC free, and made from all natural jute and tree rubber. As the guests made their way down to the floor, freshly squeezed juices in hand, the lovely Cate from LovEarth was there with a frangipani foot bath infused with Synthesis Body Wash, to treat our feet before practice.

IMG_0010 To center themselves and open their hearts before the formalities began, yoga and meditation teacher Deb Cairns took the group through a short, 25-minute practice. And can we tell you - there's nothing quite like yoga 36 stories high, overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Synthesis Organics product launch

Our group settles into yoga - undoubtedly one of the more unusual product launches they have attended! Following the yoga, guests were seated for a traditional Synthesis tea ceremony, where, whilst sipping, they imbued a cup of Beauty Tisane with their intentions for the day. Calm and filled with the most incredible positive energy, the group was then treated to a divine organic breakfast including vegan chocolate mousse (yes, we're looking at you!) seemed too good to be true. Or at the very least, too naughty for breakfast...

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 4.12.44 PM

About to begin a Synthesis Tea Ceremony - one of the signature spa rituals.

A welcome from Theme Rains. Synthesis Organics founder and director Theme Rains then guided the guests to a glass-walled conference room overlooking the Opera House, where the introductions have begun.

Synthesis Organics product launch

Theme Rains was candid in talking to the guests about her journey in wellbeing, beauty, and a little bit of magic! Theme started with a short overview of her journey to wellness and organic beauty, before walking the guests through the skincare range.

From cleanser to tonic, creme to elixir, the Synthesis range was unpacked product by product, ingredient by ingredient, as the attendees begun to comprehend the massive feat creating a 100% certified organic skincare range truly is. With clinically proven bio-actives, Synthesis makes no sacrifice on performance either with treatments available for the full spectrum of skin types and conditions.

Balance, breath and radiance

Theme highlighted how organic bio-actives are just as powerful, if not more powerful, than other cosmeceutical ingredients in improving the appearance of the skin because they work with the body's natural healing capacity.

However, rather than focusing only on physical skincare flaws, wrinkles, and rewinding the clock; Theme chose to draw the guest's attention instead to the essence of beauty... a radiance that comes naturally when our being is in balance and open to the flow of life.

Deep breathing, healthy eating, inhalation of the essential aromatherapy oils in the product, the importance of taking time every day to care for yourself, and the realisation that choosing organic doesn't mean you need to sacrifice on the results you can expect from your skincare - these are the lessons our guests walked away with.

For Synthesis is more than just a product you put on your skin - it's a holistic way of living, a conscious commitment to your personal health, and a dedication to feeling beautiful naturally as your skin starts to glow with youthful radiance. Synthesis Organics product launch Theme Rains leads the guests through a Chakra balance.

Synthesis Organics product launch Some of the delicious organic vegan breakfast the guests were treated to.

You can shop the full range, online.

We are proud to officially announce that the full Synthesis Organics and First Light Baby range are now available to shop online.

We ship worldwide, and your shipping will be free for orders over $100. Take a moment to browse the Synthesis Organics website, where we now stock face, body, and aromatherapy ranges.

This is a range that has been years in the making but will only take you moments to fall in love with. Welcome to Australia's own fully certified organic, vegan, Energy Imbued skincare range: Synthesis Organics.


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