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Article: The Feel Good Factor? Yep, we've got it!

The Feel Good Factor? Yep, we've got it!

The Feel Good Factor? Yep, we've got it!

Every now and then we hear a catchphrase that really connects with our brand as a business, and a personality. 'Love, light, beauty, spirit' is - and always will be - our Synthesis Organics mantra. But recently we heard another saying, and we're adopting it as our mission. It's called the #feelgoodfactor.

For many years, the world of beauty business was dictated by one thing: money. It was all about supply and demand, stock levels, keeping costs down, and just turning over a good dollar. In 2016, however, people want more. They want to know where their money is going. They want to know what ingredients are in their product, and who made them. They want to feel good about their purchase; and you know what? We want to feel good about what we're selling. FeelGoodFactorSo, the latest Synthesis #feelgoodfactor focus is about celebrating all the ways our brand makes you feel good. Synthesis will make you feel... BEAUTIFUL: Making your skin feel good and shine with health.

ETHICAL: Feeling great about using a product that is kind to animals and our planet.

HEALTHY: Your body will feel great with no preservatives and 100% organic and natural ingredients.

HAPPY: Absorbing the benefits of aromatherapy to lift your mood and feel happy.

LOVE: Feeling good about joining a community of like-minded people.10-unexpected-reasons-why-you-are-always-tired-1024x682 After all, feeling good isn't easy in our modern society. We're working longer hours than ever before, eating more junk food, and exercising less. We are forging meaningful relationships online, and can't disconnect from work - um hello, work emails! We're sleeping less, working more, and ignoring the needs of our body.

Fact: doing things to feel good should not be considered pampering. It's about keeping yourself healthy, for a healthy mind and spirit will see you live longer...and happier!
  How-to-Beauty-Wash-Your-Face-770x512   All Synthesis products are crafted to encourage a daily 'feel good' routine. Take the time to use these products with intention and joy.
  • Begin by removing all distractions. (Yes, that means your iPhone!)
  • Give yourself some privacy from the outside world. Close the curtains, shut the bathroom door, or put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the handle.
  • Begin by washing away whatever might be on your skin - tired eyes, make-up, grit and grime, or just the remnants of sleep.
  • Squeeze out your chosen Synthesis product, and inhale√Ç it in deeply. All of our products have a strong aromatherapy element, and are actually designed to help you relax.
  • Go slowly through your skincare routine, and take a moment to appreciate the care and love you are putting into your body.
  • Look into the mirror and smile! You are beautiful, and should be so proud of√Ç taking the time to worship yourself, and feel good.
What will you do to feel good today? You can find out more about our brand, or shop our beautiful products, on our website here.

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