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Article: Synthesis Joins Dr. Melanie Joy's "Carnism" Tour Around Australia


Synthesis Joins Dr. Melanie Joy's "Carnism" Tour Around Australia

Dr. Melanie Joy

With our commitment to vegan skincare and conscious awareness in purchasing decisions, Synthesis has joined forces with The Jane Goodall Institute and Sentient World Entertainment to bring Dr. Melanie Joy to Australia to promote the awareness of Carnism. 

As consumers we all have choices and these choices have an impact on our world which is why Synthesis jumped at the chance to be a part of this tour that echoes this key fact.

carnism-melanie-joyjanegoodall logo 
We began the first leg of the tour at The Winged Horse Equine Welfare Inc. based in Melbourne, Port Arlington.  This centre was set up to become a sanctuary for horses and ponies alike through raising awareness about issues related to animal welfare, rescuing and rehabilitating horses at risk, then re-homing to caring homes.

winged horse

We then joined Dr. Joy again, this time at Sydney University where an auditorium full of attendees was once again captivated by the topic of Carnism.  Our values of cruelty-free, eco-friendly, sustainable practices are shared by Dr. Joy and are echoed throughout this awakening presentation.

Along the way, we were pleased to have met a network of people, partners and affiliations whom all share in our vision of being a conscious and positive entity in this world that works in harmony with it. To read more about Dr. Melanie Joy and the Carnism tour, click here.


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